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Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume

Now this is interesting!!

Who doesn’t know The Body shop.The product i wll be talking today is Love Etc Solid Perfume and one of my most favourite among body shop products.

About the product

According to the brand the product is a blend of Egyptian jasmine and touch of vanilla and sandalwood in solid form, with a pretty,portable,heart-shaped container which belong to a floriental family. The size of the product is 0.45OZ .

Top notes: pear, neroli, bergamot
Middle notes: jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley
Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk cream

My view

The idea of solid perfume was very new for me, i never heard or imagine anything like this until i saw it. One of my very dear had this in her purse and i found it worth buying. During February when body shop was offering a valentine sale i purchased this for approximately 900 Rs. Never mind i don’t remember the sale price now.

The product comes in very cute heart shaped tin, the texture of the product is not solid but its creamy which makes it application quite easy. Apply the perfume on your wrist or behind the ears and thats it. It blends into the skin perfectly.  The lasting power of this product is quite amazing. The city like Karachi where weather is hot and humid, this product lasts 9-10 hours for me.

I personally like this product because i only like soft and mild fragrance in perfumes. The soft fragrance of jasmine along with vanilla and sandal creates a great combination. The best part of this product is its very easy to carry. It takes no space in your purse or in your small clutches.

I will definitely recommend this perfume and its quite affordable. The product is available easily on all the body shop outlets in Karachi and all over in Pakistan.


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