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Halal or Haram Makeup- How should we research??

Hey girls Good Afternoon!!

We all love makeup and we spend a lot of our money on them, but being a Muslim its important for us to do some surveys before purchasing. I made few mistakes and purchased few products from different brands and now researched and found that they contain prohibited animal fats.

How to know which fat is prohibited? How to understand the meaning of ingredients?

Now that’s  something we can research and we should research. We can start our research

  • We should know that our makeup is free from animal driven fats.
  • We should know the list of brands which are completely involved in animal testing.
  • We should know at least the major ingredients of our product and the theory of that ingredient.
  • Email the brands and ask them about their products. And tell them the exact product name along with the shades so that they can provide you information.

Since morning I am googling and I am glad that we are blessed with the power of internet.

I will share some important links information with you all.

These links contain list of brands which are involve/not involve in animal testing.

Let me just share ingredients with you which I know and are not HALAL.

  • Carmine/Cochineal/Natural Red/E12o – Insects driven coloring used  in various products besides makeup

For a start note I noticed that my Maybelline Tattoos do contain Carmine.. See Here

Allah(S.W.T) knows better but now a question in my mind arise that can we use them in skin care products or in eye shadows. As i heard people saying that these and other alcoholic ingredients are only HARAM for eating. Which means that presence of these ingredients in Lipsticks, Lip gloss, Lip balm are no way accepted.

Lets pray to ALLAH(S.W.T) to save us from HARAAM and to guide us at every step of our life.

I like to thank my friend Shafaq Yamin ,who is also a part of my research.

I hope it helps you all.


38 thoughts on “Halal or Haram Makeup- How should we research?? Leave a comment

        Assalam wa’alaikum 🙂 ask is a site reviewed by many sheikhs and scholars for questions from the general audience, carmine comes from an insect which isnt impure* and they boiling of the insect to attain carmine isnt animal cruelty. I have provided the link, if u have any further questions; do not hesitate to ask as i have done extensive research alhamdulilah, or you may check to see if your question is available at ask imam. Org happy viewing!


        • Actually I asked many scholars too after this post…

          One of them said that its not haram but its good to avoid if you think you can..Height of Iman you know 🙂

          Then another one said that it is haram like if you wear lipstick it does go in your mouth so avoid..
          My concerns was more on lipstick side … cox almost every brands has carmine in their lip products



          • Two answers from same website contradict each other regarding carmine! Plz just search carmine and every fatwa says its haraam except the one mentioned here (dated sept 20, 2012)


  1. Asalaam a alaikum.iI read yoyr article and was wondering if you know anything about oriflame? Specifically their lipsticks of course. I’m trying and asked at one of the outlets.Lets just say I’d like confirmation. To be on the safe side. Jazakillah for helping.


  2. Assalamualaykum sister,

    I need your help, i read your post and went through my make up and found carmine in all my maybelline products and then found out they are in mac eyeshadows. Are we not allowed to use these products as they are not applied on the lip, or are we supposed to stay away from them completely? Jazak’Allah for your help, please reply asap as i will be receiving mac eye shadows soon and would like to know if i need to return them. My email address is


    • Walaikum asalam sister.

      I have asked so many people regarding carmine. Some says it is strictly prohibited and some says its not because it is not going inside your body.. I still have many products having carmine and sometimes I still purchase. We have so many products available in the market having carmine eg:Toothpaste and candies..
      I avoid it to swallow. and take care for lipstick too..
      Rest is ALLAH knows better..I just said if its haram keep me away from it..AMEEN


  3. I want to ask? Whether its safe to be a oriflame consultant and take it as a career. I have heard if we sel cosmetics to those who use them for fitna or not doing hijab…then we also committing a sin like them.plz anwser me ;(….


      • Assalamualeikum.
        If i may reply to the question, to work as a consultant for a makeup company is fundamentally permissible. Makeup can be used either in the right way or wrong. This will depend upon the user. The consultant will not be responsible if the woman uses it in the wrong way. The same goes for applying mendhi, some use it in the wrong way but the applier will not be responsible for this. The sin will be upon the one who commits it.
        And Allah knows best.

        Sister Nida, oriflame doesn’t use any alcohol or animal products in their ingredients? Someone has asked me whether it is halal or not.


  4. Assalamualaikum sisters,
    I know there are a lot of opinions regarding whether Carmine is halal or haraam. Personally it doesn’t matter to me if it is external or internal consumption as it does not make sense to me that you would be able to pray etc with something like that on you. Allahu alam.
    I have emailed a lot of companies over the past few years, including MAC, and some of them have been considerate enough to email me back with lists of products that may/may not be suitable for us. Please let me know and I will be happy to pass these along xx


    • As’salaamu a’laikum sister. Would really appreciate if you could share those lists. I’m going dizzy trying to find suitable cosmetics. Thanks in advance!


  5. aoa.jazakIllah for the post.i recently got a gift from avon saudi Arabia, Color Trend Naughty or Nice Lipstick.
    i m searching on that a lot.unfortunately ilost the packing which had ingredients listed.can u tell me whether it’s halal or not?as i lived in ksa,i know that ksaa doesn’t import haram openly.


  6. Asalam-o-Alekum .,,, gud info…. I want to ask sm Qs… Can u give me ur rmail add…??
    By the way m nt clear abt carmine fully…. Shud v use it or avoid it…??
    N does oriflame dye contain carmine or pork fat or any haram ingredient…??
    Reply me on my email add


  7. assalamu alaikum i have started using oriflame products recently
    but it worked alot i just wanted to know that is every oriflame products r halal are not?…..its very imp to know


    • let me ask u a question what do u mean by word HALAL? Cox HALAL is mainly a process… N unless a company is certified obv no1 can tell about halal or haram. You only have to rely on the ingredients or the claim that company made. So go for the ingredients alwyas… but as far i know oriflame is ORganic – cruelty free. Other than that I cannot comment on it 🙂


  8. Alhamdulilah.. Finaly i found few infos on the halal cosmetics. which i belived many muslim women inclusing myself are not aware which cosmetics contain prohibited ingredients and etc. May Allah bless you. Jakallahulkhairan.


  9. salam
    i got a clinique matte lipstick in plum colour…please guide me if its ingredients contain haram ingredientss:( i am really concerned but cant find its ingredents:((


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