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Active/Inactive Ingredients- Do you know the difference?

Few days ago I did not heard of the words ‘Active/Inactive Ingredients’. Did you know the difference? If not then I hope this post will be useful for you.

Every product has ingredients in it. And Ingredients are of two types.

  • Active Ingredients
  • Inactive Ingredients

These two ingredients are  displayed on product’s label but in most cases only active ingredients are mentioned. Either cosmetics or medicines both have the same concept of these ingredients.

Active Ingredients– They are the actual ingredients of the product or a main definition of the product. The reason to buy the product. Which means that these ingredients are responsible for the actual cure, medication. The effects, side effects are part of these ingredients.

For example, In makeup Salicylic Acid act as an active ingredient which helps in preventing the acne.

Inactive Ingredients– They are the ingredients which are used to bind them together, lets say water. The inactive ingredients are the preservatives, colors, fragrance, flavors of the product. They have nothing to do with the side effects, they contribute nothing in the main process of the product.

For example, In makeup, Carmine acts as an inactive ingredient which adds colors to the product.


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