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Skin undertones

We all know our skin tones but how many of us really know about our undertones?? What are undertones?? Does it have any connections with our makeup and accessories?? Let’s find out 🙂

What are undertones

Undertones are the layer of color under our skin.

Beneath our skin there is another layer of color which never changes; it has nothing to do with the atmosphere, sun exposure as it always remains the same. People having same skin tones can have different undertones .Firstly let’s find out the types of undertones.

There are 3 types of undertones

  • WarmPeople with this type have yellow, olive or golden undertones.
  • CoolPeople with this type have red, pink or blue undertones.
  • NeutralPeople with this type have the mixture of both.

How to identify undertone

There are different ways of identifying the skin undertone. It’s quite possible that every technique place you in different type but at the end its a game of how well you understand yourself.

  1. Veins TestIn a natural light look into the veins color on your wrist. Green veins indicate warm undertones. Bluish veins indicate the cool undertones.Mixture of both the colors indicates neutral undertones. I fall under Neutral undertones as sometimes my veins are not so obvious in the color.
  2. Jewellery Test-If golden jewellery suits you more then you are warm and if silver jewellery suits you then you are cool and if both the colors suits you then your are neutral. I fall under Neutral undertones
  3. White cloth test-Pull the hairs back and cover the neck and shoulders with pure white cloth or towel, if your face looks pale,yellow then you are warm and if the face looks red with bluish touch then you are cool. I fall under Warm undertones.
  4. Eye/hair color test-If you have Golden brown, green, blue, hazel eyes and black, or brown hair then you have cool undertones. If you have dark brown, black, gray eyes and black, strawberry blond, or red hair then you have warm undertones.

I have taken a quiz from Bella Sugar

I took an undertone quiz test from Bellasugar and got this result


Once you identify your correct undertone the foundation match becomes easier for you because an incorrect match will make you look cakey, grayish.

Suggested Colors for Warm and Cool Undertones people


My Foundation Experiences with different undertones

I have a foundation from Avon, I love Avon and the foundation was a gift from my sister all over from Australia. The color is perfect for my skin tone but has pinch of pink undertone in it. So when i ever i use it i cover it with my mineral powder which gives it a balance tone.

With my Clinique foundation, the color is perfect on skin and with my undertones.

The shade I have in Illamasqua cream foundation have olive undertones but it sets really well on my skin. To know the details of the shades read here

Hope you like it. Do give me your feedback with your comments below


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