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Heena Tattos by Uroos

Mehndi-A girl’s favourite makeup for hands. I love it and I think 99% of the girls love it too. Yeah 1% are left behind who don’t like its fragrance.

The other day I saw a documentary on a news channel that manufacturing of mehndi is being done by some strange chemical which is used to dye products. Oh yes!! That’s gross. The chemicals in it leads to some serious skin allergies which is then cured only by surgeries. That’s what the guy said from a documentary

I just want to share someone whose mehndis are original, fresh, home made but have an excellent color. This brand is very famous in Karachi for their elegant and beautiful designs. The name of the brand is UROOS and it’s on the name of the person who started this many many years ago. The creativity by the girls there is tremendous. The delicacy of the work is endless.Ma Shaa ALLAH. The interesting part of this Mehndi Salon is that all the girls there belongs to the same community and every one is skilled in own way. The techniques they use are the signs of their intelligence.

Now comes to the chemical part. I have never ever witnessed any itching, burning issues with their mehndi on me and these are the signs of pure and fresh mehndis. They don’t claim to have an urgent color likely others who attracts people with their Emergency Cone. You have to keep wearing the mehndi for minimum 5-6 hours to get the desired color. The lasting power of this mehndi is more than those emergency cones.

heena-tattos-by-uroos-bridal Bridal Mehndi
Color after washing (Duration 5 hours)
Color after washing (Duration 5 hours)

Being their true admirers I can recommend this mehndi to every girl. They got attractive packages for the Brides. Their bridal packages starts from Rs 8500 and Rs 280 for normal mehndi per side. Check here for their contact details.

When next you going for this tattos, your comments can be an appreciation token for me 🙂


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