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My Most Desirable Foundations of 2013

This going to be the most mouth-watering post, at least for those who love foundations like me. Yes!!  My most desirable liquid foundations of 2013. I want to grab all of them as all are my on top wish list.

  • Dior Airflash Foundation– I once used the Dior eye shadow and found it really pigmented. Dior is one of the most high-end brand and definitely one of the best. This foundation comes in spray and gives  an air brushed look. The foundation is really pricey of 60$.
  •  Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation–  I have never used any makeup from this brand besides a perfume, but really want to try this foundation. This product has a lot of good reviews on internet and that tempts me a lot to get this. This foundation claims to stay for 24 H. That makes it more interesting. The cost for this foundation is 45$.
  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation–  This foundation is my cousin’s favourite and she always appreciate its result. A complete high-definition formula can give a flawless look. Again, there are lots of good reviews about this product on internet. The cost for this foundation is 42$.
  • Smash Box Studio Skin Foundation I really want to try this foundation too, reviews says that this is really good for full coverage and does not give a cakey look. Amazing right!!. With the name I am expecting it to be more like photo finish foundations.The cost is again 42$.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear FoundationI love this brand in terms of its staying power. I have its lip liners and black pencil and I am really very happy with them. The black pencil especially stays longer. With this positive note I want to go for this foundation too. This is also an ideal foundation for full coverage. The cost for this foundation is lesser than other high-end brands and its 27$.
  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – This foundation has been favourite of everyone who have used it. Reviews says that it applies like a smooth satin on the skin and gets perfectly blended. I don’t know the sheer formula will work for me or not but still I want to give this foundation in my collection. The cost for this is 45$.

This is all for my 2013 foundations desires. I really hope I buy them soon.

How many of you tried these? Which one is worth buying? Do let me know with your comments 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Most Desirable Foundations of 2013 Leave a comment

  1. Lancome,makeup forever and Estee Lauder are on my wishlist.I am researching for a foundation that would solve all my skin problem and is long lasting too. 🙂 Hope I find it someday 🙂


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