1st Beauty Swap by PBBC

This is going to be an exciting review. Today’s review is different and special. Different because it is not about any product it is about an exciting activity, Pakistan’s 1st Beauty Bloggers Secret Swapping Program organized by PBBC-Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community and special because I was a part of  this amazing and inspiring activity.

PBBC is the community that promotes beauty blogs. And few weeks back they came up with an idea of secret swapping of cosmetics. For me that was something unique as well as interesting. OK, so now question is what was interesting? Sending gifts are more fun when we receive gifts in return and most importantly when we receive makeup in gifts 🙂

The concept of this swapping program was to exchange the gifts between the bloggers. PPBC did this in a very organized way. A registration form was filled by the interested bloggers for free of cost. That form was not just for the registration, it included question regarding what type of makeup we like. What colors we love, which brands we prefer. Later on, every blogger were told secretly whom we have to send our secret gifts along with the list of information they entered during registration. Since every blogger had to send a gift to another assigned blogger it was important to know their preferences. We only know whom we will be sending but we had no clue who will be sending us. I had to send a gift to Fakhra Rafique from Fakhra Rafique BlogI really hope she liked my gift.

Now, come to my gifts. Sana Shahid  from A Girl’s Fancies sent me some gorgeous goods from MUA. I love she chose everything according to my choice. My surprise had 4 products.

  1. MUA Eye Shadow Palettes –Glamorous Days
  2. MUA Eyebrow Brush- E7
  3. MUA Blusher – Shade 2
  4. MUA Lipstick- Shade 12





I made a token of thanks for Sana hope you all like it 🙂


I really think this type of activities should happen frequently.It surely gonna expand our socializing circle.

Dont forget to write below and share your views with me 🙂

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