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It’s been quite a long time since I talked about the ingredients. Today, I want to talk about an ingredient which caught my attention. I never ever heard the name of it. And cannot even pronounce it correctly :).

‘Cyclopentasiloxane’ or (CPF) is amongst the types of Silicone. Silicone as everyone know is a natural chemical and can be said as very common chemical. We have been reading that silicone is harmful and has immense disadvantages. I never thought to read about it unless I used Inglot Under Makeup Base. And from my brief research I found that the silicon which is used in the beauty products mainly hair and skin care is CPF. CPF is extracted from specially-mind-sands.

CPF abosrbs/dissolves quickly on your skin/hair and gives a smoother and shiner texture. I think that is why my primer gives me a smoother  feeling. CPF blends well with other ingredients which lubricates the skin and enhances the appearance and helps the skin to breath.

When I was researching, i found that it’s good as anti-aging, it helps in reducing the wrinkles and controls the dehydration of skin. Which means it settles in your skin and allow your cell to expand.

Besides all the benefits it may cause skin irritation depending on how it goes individually. So far, it does not cause any side effects on me. I will see if  I can get any hair care product too with this ingredient 🙂

I have one of my product having CPF,  Ingot Under Makeup Base

Do share your views on CPF. Share the products you all have having this.


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