Urbanite.pk Does not Pay to their Employees

Ok, my today’s post is not any product review in fact not a beauty related writing. Today I want to share an experience with you all. I never wanted to do this but I think some people really need criticism and we must take out the mask from their faces.

As many of you know that I am a Software Engineer and I got a chance to work with few companies in my career. I had an experience of working with a company name Ozzit Creations. It means Ozair Creations. This guy got his business degree from  abroad somewhere , belongs to a reputed and elite class background. He finishes his degree and decide to open an IT company and he named it Ozzit Creations.

I joined this company last year in August and remained a part of the company for just 6 months. The company got started from some in house projects which includes some web-apps and few mobile apps. When I joined them they were developing 2 of their major in house projects and one client based project. The in house project includes Urbanite.pk

The website is about online food delivery site. The business to get contract done with the restaurants and provide a delivery service for their clients. We used to get as many restaurants into the panel which increase the restaurant popularity also.Now, i feel important to tell you the details about their business so whatever I am saying  make sense. Their were 3 types of packages which Urbanite offers to their clients.

  1. Restaurants who want Urbanite to deliver food for them, the idea was good for those restaurant who do not offers home delivery. The restaurants were listed with their menu on the website. Just place your order and Urbanite riders will pick the food for you from the restaurant and delivers it at your door step.
  2. Restaurants who don’t want to avail the delivery service but still like to use Urbanite for placing order. which means place your order and restaurant will receive the order and directly delivers it to you on your door steps.
  3. Restaurants or  any vendor ( designers, flower shop  etc) want to use the website feature page by placing their ads on it. Those ads only mention the details of the vendor like their address, facebook URL , telephone number etc.

Now, i don’t want to get into the technicality. But after 3 months of my joining I saw people started getting fire and they were not being paid for that month and deducting salary without any reason are their regular routine. And then when I received my November salary, some thousands were deducted from my salary. I went to the Account/HR manager he asked that it is because of the holiday I did this month. This didn’t make sense because I was a permanent employee and I could avail my leaves without any deduction. Then same happened when I received my December salary. And this time when I went to manager I just asked do you really know how much is my salary or not? I asked him to look into this matter and after looking he said that it was a mistake on his end he calculated my salary wrong and  my amount will get adjusted to my January pay. But guess what my pay never came.. Even 15 days of Feburary passed and none of my salary came. I got another job and had to resign, I resigned with completing a proper notice period of 1 month (30 days) and I knew that now I will not get my money in dreams even. And exactly same happened. They never paid my deducted amount , my complete January pay, my Feburary 15th days pay. All in all they ate my over 75 Thousands :(. My so called CEO, Mr.Ozzair Bukhari and his right arm Mr. Zaigham Hidayatullah never answer my calls, nor emails. I was instructed to their staff that don’t let her in if she ever comes to office. Mr CEO has a sister too Miss, Fatin Bukhari who is running their another brand name TASTEA. Tastea is a bubble tea which is officially located at Port Grand Karachi, but also available at Urbanite and now heard in some restaurants too.

I am not the only one who faced this I can name many many people. But to keep it short our CTO, our technical developers, even riders (delivery boys) and many other faced this issue. They wanted their web layout and functionality to be changed to new technology name NOP COMMERCE and for this they hired a developer on a contract. The guy was very honest and innocent and they DID NOT pay him his last installment of contract which was somewhere between 40-60K.
Its been 6 months now I am still trying to get what I am at right to have. But no response. I never wanted to insult them publically but today I really feel like saying it all. And the reason I wrote a comment on their facebook status on Saturday, 3rd August 2013 and the comment got deleted and I got reported to their page.

Screenshot of the post I commented on Saturday,3rd August 2013
Screenshot of the post I commented on Saturday,3rd August 2013

Please, think before joining the company or if you are any vendor think before you make any contract. There are lot more better Websites who are offering same services but very managed and organized. If I talk from customer view, they never ever deliver food on time. I ordered TONS of times when I was in the company. And you need to wait for approx 1.5-2 hours for your food.

Website: Urbanite

New layout of website
New layout of website

Facebook page: Urbanite.pk

Facebook page: Tastea

I am still in a hope of getting my money back…. May ALLAH guide such people (AMEEN)

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  1. That’s sad but in Pakistan it happens, I did few jobs in Media and I have approx One Lakh, well earned Rupees not ever paid to me 🙁 i don’t know why is thispractise so common in Pakistan there must be a rule to pay the employ for what he/she worked… Good you shared it and people will know

    1. Yes thats sad… it happens cox there is no law..companies are affraid to get paperwork done..
      Allah taufeeq dai… I survived without my amount.but not every1 can..people have responsibilities

  2. Companies like these shud be reported, their licenses shud be banned. Hiring someone to work and doesn’t paying them their due salaries is totally unethical. Such companies will never progress. U took a very good initiative to voice your problem thru this post. May Allah guide such ppl. Aamin

    1. I was going to work on the design of ‘Urbanite.pk’. But the project never came for some reason, though I designed the first iteration. But still ….. Thank God 😀 !

  3. I have been to an interview at Ozzit. Met the guy Ozair in person. Though, I now think, I was lucky that it didn’t go very well ;). He thought I was too expensive :). Anyways, you did good to share it with all of us. At least others will beware of joining them. An x-colleague of mine used to work there as iOS developer. But he left cuz the company got closed, I guess. Thanks for sharing

  4. Very well written Nida…I reckon this company should banned for good…they don’t deserve to do business anymore…such a culprit people!!! shame on them!!!

    1. nobody is here to stop such companies.. SETH nizam are inside us…
      we can scream only but all I want him to realize how unfair he was with his employees who gave him their dedication..trusted him when he was nothing in this market

  5. My suggestion to file a complaint to PASHA ( Pakistan Software Houses Association ), they are responsible to take care of such activities.


    Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)
    Room 310, 3rd Floor
    Business Center
    Block 6, PECHS
    Main Shahrah-e-Faisal
    Secretariat Email: secretariat@pasha.org.pk
    President’s Email: president@pasha.org.pk
    For Member Services write to us at services@pasha.org.pk
    Phone: +92-21-35418121, +92-21-36061051
    Follow us on twitter @PASHAORG and facebook at facebook.com/pakict

  6. Its sad that such companies exist and make their business very freely in Pakistan. You really did an awesome job by writing this post and educating others to beware of such companies. May ALLAH give them hidayat.

  7. Thank you very much for share your experience Nida, unlucky i was also an employee of this same organization and deduction of a huge money from salary without any reason and without any notification is a “SOOGHAAT” from management. I work 1 complete year in urbanite service center and i have got no increment, no bonus, no holidays, no overtime, no appreciation but deduction. 🙁
    And do you know guys with this same scenarios my 3 colleagues had just left urbanite day before yesterday on this occasion of EID.

    1. Hey Nabil how are you ?

      I can truly understand your emotions, i have seen you and other service center employees working soo hard for them. Uff i remember how you poeple use to stick to the seat and assist customers..
      No intentions to talk -ve but may ALLAH give them Hidayat

  8. I never joined the company back after they stopped my nov salary did numerous calls to Ozair and Wajeeh but no response. Thanks for writing this article i’m been doing mass marketing on it.

  9. I am not finished with this, my Rs.40, 000 also dues on OzzIT Creations Inc.

    In Feb 2012 OzzIT Creations hired me and my 23 more colleagues for their new project named Gazilo (A London based iPhone App).
    The payment mode was like that:
    “After successful completion of training the candidate will be offered Rs.25, 000 in the capacity of Service Center Executive (SCE). However the company will be paying SCE’s Rs20,000 and Rs.5,000 will be kept as Retention Money, and after the completion of 6 months bond period, candidate will get due amount.” (I just copied these line from the bond paper which signed by an authorized person of OzzIT creation on stamp paper). But I didn’t get my retention money of 6 months which is worth Rs.30, 000 yet.

    In August 2012 they gave me Rs.10, 000 only as my salary and said remaining amount will be given to you very soon which is still pending. After one month they fired all their Gazilo staff without any notice and shifted me in to urbanite service center. In urbanite service center my duty timings was like 4pm to 1am, (late night without any insurance). In December 2012 while I was going home after office some robbers robbed me and snatched my whole salary, then I discussed this accident with my manager that I have been robbed now give me some favor, they said I can’t help you in this scenario you should consult with CEO, when I go to CEO he said write and application then I will consider about it. I wrote an application and gave it to CEO then he grants me Rs.3, 000 and this amount was deducted very sharp and smartly from my next month’s salary.

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