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Eid Swap by PBBC

Hey my gorgeous readers, how are you all? How was your independence day? Looking at such colorful posts and feeling sad that I couldn’t do anything.

Today I am sharing my gifts with you all which I got from my secret swap partner. Yes, once again I participated in PBBC Swap and this time the theme was Eid. We had to send gifts before Eid so that everyone can enjoy their gifts.

Like always when I came home from office I saw my parcel and as soon I opened it I was flying up in the air :D…  before I tell you all who was my partner let me tell you that I made 2 guesses and both went wrong. I guessed Sarah Ali and Sidrah. I guessed them because on my parcel I saw a name starting from S. The name was torn and so was the name.  So I made these guesses. LOLZ 😀

My secret partner is Mariam Arif from Mariumsays. I am her instagram follower and I never knew she was my partner :D.. I adore her eyes, And now love her gift selection for me 🙂

I didn’t gave any specific product in my wish list, all I wrote about how I love essence. So she picked me some gorgeous stuff. She sent me her love through home made balm and her favorite Rimmel Apocalips…Thatss sooo sweet of you Mariam 🙂

  1. Essence 3 in 1 concealer
  2. Essence Urban Messages- Iluminating Spray
  3. Essence Eye Lashes
  4. Rimmel Apocalips- Stellar
  5. MUA Palette- Poptastic
  6. Home made lip balm

So enjoy the pictures below.. I hope the quality is aint so bad.  I took them from my mobile 🙂

Lets open it ;)
Lets open it 😉
What a lovely packing <3
What a lovely packing ❤


Essence 3in1 Concealer
Essence 3in1 Concealer
Essence Urban Messages- Iluminating Spray
Essence Urban Messages- Iluminating Spray
Essence Eye Lashes
Essence Eye Lashes
Rimmel Apocalips-Stellar
Rimmel Apocalips-Stellar
MUA Palette-Poptastic
MUA Palette-Poptastic
Home made lip balm
Home made lip balm
A token which lighten me up :)
A token which lighten me up 🙂

My sending partner was Cenam from Cenamz Beauty Blog. I sent her:

  1. Color Studio Invincible All day water proof powder 
  2. MUA Eye Dust
  3. Essence Cream Eyeshadow
  4. Ever youth face wash

Once again I felt awesome to be a part of such a great and lively activity.. I really hope to get into the next coming activities by PBBC. My heartiest thanks to the admins Sarah Ali and Rabiyah Tungekar for keeping me a part of this activity 🙂


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