My vacation makeup bag

So happy to write this post, its vacation time yay !!!

Today I am leaving for Punjab for my cousin’s wedding and it will be so much fun to be there with all but feeling sad and will miss my khala who cannot attend the wedding and has to leave back home to Saudi Arabia :(. May she have a safe journey. Hope to see her on my wedding 🙂



This is going to be my first travel/vacation post and it took me an hour just to decide what to take and what not. And still made two separate bags .. I have partitioned the pictures in section wise for you all 🙂

  1. Lipsmy-vacation-makeup-bag-4
  2. Eyes
  3. Face                                                                                        Missing in picture Inglot Primer
  4. Perfumesmy-vacation-makeup-bag-8

12 thoughts on “My vacation makeup bag

  1. Great pick up, It doesnt matter how many beauty babies you are adding in your bag, BUT main thing is that you dont want to miss anyone ;), Have safe travelling, if ur going to Sialkot, do visit Lahore, its near to Lahore na 😉

  2. I just came back from Lahore myself for Eid and my makeup bag weighed a ton too!

    So glad to see Apocalips in your travel stash 🙂

    Have fun and have a safe trip

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