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Rimmel Apocalips-Luna

Rimmel Apocalips has become one of my most favorite product.This is my second Apocalip in Luna which is a gorgeous peach color. My today’s review will be precise and quick.If you want to read the details (read here).

My View

Last month when I went to Sialkot, we cousins spent a day in Lahore and I got a chance to shop at Mall of Lahore. As soon I went near cosmetic section I couldn’t control and got this for me :D. I wanted to get the Chanel foundation though **sigh** .

Honestly, I wanted to have Celestial first but it was not in stock and then I chose Luna. It’s a muted orange for me but love the subtle look it gives me. After Stellar, this shade has become my favorite. I only have one issue with it, I got the sealed one for me but when I opened it, it got too messy. As soon I opened, it brought all the product on applicator. It did not take the excess product off from the applicator. I use it now with my lip brush.

I love its combo with black kajal pencil or smokey eyes 😀

I wipe off the product from tissue so that I can take pictures for this post.






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