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From Nida’s Kitchen

Few weeks back we had a dinner at home and I cooked too πŸ˜‰ I love cooking and following new recipes.
I have 3 dishes to share with you all. One was from a recipe book , one was my own creation, and the third one is a typical dish which everyone is aware of..

P.S: I coudn’t take dip pictures which I made using my own brains. It was Cheese Sauce and Sour Tomato Sauce.

So lets start with my 1st dishΒ Spicy Chicken Spagetti.Β It was some chef’s reccipe , sorry couln’t remember exactly the chef’s name.





This was the 1st time I guess I like my spagettis πŸ™‚

Moving on 2nd dish, myΒ Potatoes Mayo and Jelly Salad.Β This was my own creation. I didn’t have much ingredients for the salad so I thought to try this.Β potato-mayo-jelly-salad


So, its sweet dish time :). My sweet dish was a simple one.Β Vanilla Custard with cream and cookies.


vanilla custard

I wish I could take the dips pictures as well but will share in sha ALLAH next time.

This is a different post I shared with you all and I really need your feedback. So do you think I can be a Master Chef πŸ˜‰


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