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KIKO Eye Pencil- Gold

How many of you heard of KIKO? Well, I never heard before my cousin told me. After hearing a lot good from her I asked her to get me this liner.

About the product

Semi-soft line, with a high concentration of pigment for a luminous effect. Easy to blend. Holds up to 6 hours. Waterproof formula.

Available in 16 colors.

My View

My cousin asked me to try its foundation but since I am already loaded with foundations I asked her to get this first. For intro, KIKO is an Italian brand dealing in cosmetics and body treatments. They ship currently to  Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Belgium and United Kingdom. I hope to see Pakistan soon in the list (**sigh**).



KIKO has reasonable price tags and the results which I have seen so far are spectacular. I got this eye pencil in Gold. I don’t know my first selection in colored pencils is always this shade. After using Sweet Touch, Avon shades I am impressed with this a lot.

KIKO has black color as their signature I think, I love this sleek, not too thin, black pencil in black packaging. When I opened the pencil cap for first time I knew it will be pigmented and yes it is really good pigmented pencil. Glides easily on my eye. Because I have bit dark and oily eye lid most products do not show up easily but I just loved the gold color it adds on my lid.




Now, my most important part. Lasting power!!

It did a pretty good job I must say, I wore it in a humid weather these days for about 5 hours without any primer or base and it stuck really well. When I washed my face it didn’t give me hard time to wash it off either. So easily washable but not smudge able. (5 stars for this point).


I really want to try its foundation now. Hope fully I will be reviewing that too very soon.

You may like it

  • Black sleek packaging.
  • Affordable.
  • Do not fade or smudge.
  • No cracks.

You may not like it

  • Only one bad point- NOT AVAILABLE IN PAKISTAN 😦

The price of the product is 4.20 € which becomes around PKR. 605.24.


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