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Shoe Haul

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe 

I do believe in the above quote. Shoes are not just style symbol but also builds a girl’s personality. Today I am sharing the most awaited  shoe haul with you all.


Last Saturday I got the most pocket friendly shoes for me.My sister discovered this shop near our residence. And honestly I was skeptical about the quality and comfort level before trying them but sometimes you get the best things in cheap price and that’s the WOW moment for anyone. I went to get 1 pair for me but came out with 5 pairs 🙂 .


Colors I bought:

  1. Blackish blue.
  2. Chocolate Brown.
  3. Shocking Pink.
  4. Beige.
  5. Yellow.
Blackish Blue
Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown
Shocking Pink

So, its time to tell the price. I got these shoes Rs 500 Each from Magna Mall , Karachi.  The shop also deals with the custom colors and you can ask for a single piece too. I have asked them to make one for me in Orange and Navy Blue. I can’t say how long will they last but according to shop keeper it will last for an year. If they even last for 6 months still I think it is the best bargain for me. If you live in Karachi grab one and I hope you will also love like ME. Don’t forget to share your comments below.


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