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Home Made Lip Balm

Like skin our lips also needs to be hydrated. A good and effective lip balm is pretty hard to find. We waste lot of our pennies in getting expensive balms but do we really need them when we can get cheap and easy home made lip balms?

Check out my review on a lip balm which was a gift by a fellow blogger Marium Fahad.


Marium wrote me the ingredients too so that I can feel safe in using it. It contains hypoallergenic lip coloration, fine pearl powder and Vaseline. 

My View

Ok, I confess that after reading so much about home made lip balms and lip gloss I never tried making them. After receiving this , I was bit skeptical because I am not a Vaseline friendly person. But being a beauty blogger that’s our challenge to try everything new and different. And trust me this turned out to be the best lip balm I used so far.

This lip balm leave my lips moistured,keeps them hydrated and Vaseline do not make lips sticky. I love its consistency , its soft and a small amount on your finger is enough for your lips.  The color of lip balm looks dark but on application it gives a very natural pink color to the lips.

home made lipbalm

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How many of you have tried making home made lip balms? 


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