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3rd Swap with PBBC

Sorry girls for being MIA all the time. I am lacking some motivation in writing and hope to get back to my flow as I have lots of pending reviews.

Just to be precise, my today’s post is about another swap I participated with Pakistan Beauty Blogger Community(PBBC). Everyone who have been following me and my blog must be aware of the swap concept. This is the 3rd official swap organized by PBBC and luckily I was part of all three. To know the details of the first two click here and here.

This time the format was little different since non-bloggers were also allowed to participate and they were all paired with non-bloggers.

I was paired up with Samran Noor from Beauty Guide . Normally you are paired up with different people for sending and receiving but I tell you what when I received my parcel I slightly got an idea that Samran is the one who sent me my goodies because of the address location (complete address was not mentioned though) and yes I was correct 😀

So when I got my partner wishlist it was quite precise and this helped me a lot to select and purchase. Her list included Revlon Color Burst Balm Stain so I picked this and wrapped it with my two favorite Essence Miami Roller Girl Eyeshadows which I like to use as a highlighter and Miss Dior’s Perfume and Merle Norman’s cleanser sample.

The goodies I sent

On return I received my exact wishlist. I wished for RT stippling brush and any eye makeup remover. And Samran was so sweet to send me both in a beautiful packing with a sweet note :). She sent me Bourjois Eye Makeup Remover.

The goodies I received




3rd-Swap-with-Pbbc-7 3rd-Swap-with-Pbbc-4 3rd-Swap-with-Pbbc-6

Finally  I own RT Stippling Brush and Thanks to PBBC and Samran Noor for this.I always love to participate and hopefully will participate in future too 🙂



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