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Interesting Experience with Sarah Handerson

How many of you have heard about Infographic? Recently I had a chance to get one for my blog. I met a girl name Sarah Handerson who is really a creative person and she is experienced in making such images. Sarah is a blogger at ihealthMarket and I feel honored to work with her. iHealthMarket is an informative blog that talk all about fitness, health, remedies, treatments and much more. Don’t forget to visit their site 🙂

Before I should proceed I think lets talk about what are Infographics actually?

They are a graphical representation of an information or a topic which makes easier to understand it. They are colorful, pictorial and yes interesting to follow even for a complex information 🙂

Since I  am in a fitness mode these days although not following any strict diet regime but still trying to get a better shape, I chose Weight Loss as my topic.

The best part was I just gave her my topic name and the rest was her idea and creativity. Even the text part.
Provenwaysforweightloss (1)

Thank you so much Sarah for giving me so much time. I really hope to work with you in future 🙂


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