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Bloggers Fest ’14 at Dolmen City Mall,Scentsation

I am not so active with my blogging these days and the reason is nothing important but just a bit laziness. Today I am here to share one of the amazing experience with you all at Bloggers Fest’ 14 which was organized by Scentsation, Dolmen Mall Clifton (Multitech group). I have always shopped from them because that’s the only place I can trust on for fragrance. And this whole session gave me a chance to know Scentsation even better.

Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-1
Scentsation at Dolmen City Mall

We all bloggers got an invite from Maliha Rao, the admin of PBBC and I am thankful to her for counting me in. The event was scheduled on 26 July’2014 at 5pm and I reached at approx 5:30. I was first introduced to Zarmina Khilji (Business Development Head of Scentsation) and she took me first to the Guarlain counter which is recently introduced in Pakistan and is only available at Scentsation. With this when all bloggers reached we were given a demonstration on how Scentsation works. And that we can trust and believe on the authenticity of the brands. We were asked which brands we want to see in future and  what do we think to make the service more better.


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-2
On Perfume Round


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-4
Zarmina Khilji (Business Development Head, Scentsation) and Mohsin Feroze (Chief Executive, Multitech)


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-5
Us during the demonstration session


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-10
My goodie bag

This was my first time when I met the blogging community, and trust me it was amazing to meet sooo many beauties all at once. Seriously enjoyed a lot ❤ and felt proud to be the part of this blogging world !!
The demonstration was followed up by a huge goodie bag gift which made me very happy :D. This was the best and loaded bag given at any event.

Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-3
Nida , Faryal, Jadirah, Natasha, Cenam, Nida Moughal


And yes last but not the least my ultimate favourite Johny Rockets was set for our refreshments. The day since its opened in Dolmen City Mall it has become one of my favorite burger place. So having a refreshment there was an epic treat for all of us.


I hope to be a part of more and more events in future In sha ALLAH


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-6
Johny Rockets


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-7
Waiters dance at Johny Rockets


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-9
Interaction during refreshments
Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-8
Nida, Ana, Sarah


Bloggers Fest'14 at DMC Scentsation-11
Ana, Cenam, Shumaila,Sarah,Jeebee, Faryal,Nida



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