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Medora Lipstick in True Red


I want to salute to all the bloggers who religiously give time to their blog. I have been a bad blogger from past few months. But today is the day when I want to review one of my favourite lipstick from Medora in color True Red.

About the Product

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My View

Medora is one of the oldest Pakistani brand we have. I don’t know much about its history except it is Made in Sawat brand and that I have grown up looking at this brand especially their lipsticks and nail colors. After reading so many bloggers post about this shade I wanted to have it too. Actually I wanted to try red lipstick but was not sure how it will look on me so the best thing was to invest little and experiment.


True Red(283)


True Red(283)

Being a first time user, initially I found this color too vibrant for me but then I found it one of the best red shade for my skin tone. It has a hint of maroon in it that is perfect for my warm complexion. I love the fresh on my face after applying it. I believe the formula is especially made for Asian skin tones.



True Red (283)



Medora lipsticks are not moisturizingΒ on its own so it’s highly recommended to wear a lip moisturizer beneath it. I love the lasting power of it. It didn’t smudge at all even after many hours. It takes so much time and pain to get it off from the lip and the not so good part it is transferable. I hate it when any of the lipstick leave its stain on the glass. But with such a price tag its ok to bear with it. I mean how much do you expect in 100 rs.

I am surely gonna buy its more shade in future and I want you all to recommend me Orange (Khatta Orange) shade. πŸ˜€

You may like it

  • Affordable price tag.
  • Huge color range.
  • Long lasting.
  • Pops on our asian tones.

You may not like it

  • Dries out the lips.
  • Transfer on a glass or cup

Medora is locally available on every cosmetic shop and everyone has different rates I believe, but I got it for Rs.100 only




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