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Color Studio Professional Graphique Liquid Liner

This post was supposed to be published a lot before but my writing laziness is at its peak :D. Today my verdicts will be on Color Studio Graphique Liquid Liner which I purchased months ago from just4girls.

About the product

For that chic or dramatic eyeliner look that lasts all day without smudging or budging. Color Studio Professional Graphique 100% Waterproof Eye liner is an ultra-precise brush tip applicator that allows you to create well-defined eyeliner.



My View

This was my first purchase from this brand and the reason I got this was to get something cheap to practice my control on liquid liners. Now I am about to finish it and I am definitely going to purchase it again. I know there are not much good reviews on it but I love it personally.




Initially I used to practice it daily and within a week I was able to put a perfect winged liner on my eyes. The color of this product is perfect black. It looked too shiny in the start but it turns into a good matte formula once it dried. I love the fact that it does not bleed nor become cracky. The brush applicator is thin but not too thin and pointed from the edges, I would love it if it was more thin and pointed. It is easy to use because of its fine grip. One stroke gives a fine black line.



I cannot say it as 100% water proof because it looses its colors with water stokes. But that’s something I am okay with. Without washing face the lasting power of this liner is pretty impressive, as I have mentioned it does not crack up at all but can be rub off easily. For the price tag this is one of the best bargain.

Sorry about the picture size as it is a mobile picture


You may like it

  • Affordable to pocket.
  • Easy to use and good for the beginners.
  • The perfect black color.
  • Does not crack up

You may not like it

  • The brush tip is not pointed.

I got this from Just4girls for Rs 400/


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