Head scarfs from Hijab-lil-banaat

Its been 6 years now I am a Hijabi Alhumdulilah and I enjoy every moment of it. The feeling of covering yourself is so protective.

Not just this, it becomes so easy for me to pick clothes now without worrying for the 3 piece suits. A good stole can work for me. So now I pick ready made shirts and try wearing them with different color stoles in contrast. πŸ™‚

Recently, for the 1st time a page contacted me to try their Hijabs, they sent me one of their best quality stoles. The page name is Hijab-lil-banaat and I love their whole colorful and full of variety Hijab range. When Affifa inboxed me I felt really happy because Hijab is something that reflects my personality and brings happiness in me and its an honor for me to write something on it.

When I purchase stoles I always like to get full lengths that fulfills the purpose of covering and to me that is the actual meaning of Hijab. And I was glad to see how wide and lengthy they are. The second thing I loved was their stuff, its airy, light and good for summers too. Especially for those who always wear cap underneath. Even if you don’t wear cap your hair will not be visible at all.

I also received one cap and Hijab pin. This was the first time when I wore a cap, seriously, I never wore caps because I always thought caps don’t suit me. It is named as ‘crossover 2 tone shade’ cap. The stuff is again so airy and light.

The pin has a small cap to make sure it do not hurt you. The pin is even long which is good. I like long pins more because they can hold my scarf/stole even better. And if the pin is long then trust me you can wear silk Hijab without cap too.

Crossover 2 toned cap and Hijab Pin

White with black hearts – wearing without any cap
Blue with floral prints- with crossover cap

Β I love the way how my face is looking different in both the styles.

Β You can always get their scarfs through their facebook page. And I am sure you all gonna love it. Affifa is a sweetheart.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and lovely comments below.. And do tell me which look you think suits me more πŸ˜‰



30 thoughts on “Head scarfs from Hijab-lil-banaat

  1. Lovely..the cap really suits u.. it’s good to know about a page dedicated to hijaabs only..as they r fewer in number..

  2. Lovely scarfs and I really liked the cap, although I don’t wear one with the same logic as yours πŸ™‚
    pin and that too safe seems so wanted for me πŸ™‚

    p.s esp came to my lapi top comment as my cell doesn’t help me much on wordpress πŸ™‚

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