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Being married is not easy and its a full time job and I know its been a long long time I have not posted anything. Here I am apologizing for my absence but now I am really trying hard to manage and come back with a fresh start. But today I am reviewing a hair oil by Eyova which I got before my wedding. About the Product the bioactive components of egg yolk work on hair follicles to repair and strengthen hair.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND EYOVA: Eyova contains various biological actives like Immunoglobulins,Vitamin D, Zanthophylls & Omega 3 which help in keeping hair disorders at bay.


Oleova (Egg Oil), Canola Oil, Fragrance.

My View

The day I received the product was my last week before wedding and because of that I was not able to use it properly. The Eyova Team instructed me that I have to use it regularly for a noticeable change especially for my dandruff problem. Yes, I asked them separately if this oil can treat dandruff too. The team was so sweet to send me two bottles and now I can say I have happily finished my 1st bottle.


Eyova is made by an Indian Company VAV Life Sciences and they work from Mumbai. For this product, they were recently awarded India’s best SME under the innovation category. Coming towards the packaging its a usual transparent plastic bottle. The fragrance of the oil is not over power but a very soft and sweet smell. It definitely do not smell like a egg, so people who don’t like egg smell can use it.

The oil is more like a serum to me. So I call it as egg serum rather than egg oil. It absorbed into my hair like a serum and do not feel greasy or oily at oil.

Company claims that

  • Prevents premature hair loss.(I can’t say much on this because I was not having hair loss issue before using it regularly)
  • Prevents premature hair graying.( ummmm, really don’t know what to say about this)
  • Repairs hair damage. ( A big YES!!! It has definitely improved the texture of my hair, they got smooth and shiny)
  • Reduces dandruff & improves scalp condition.(YES!!YES!! YES!!… I have a terrible dandruff and this oil has definitely done justice with this claim. That’s the reason I love this oil. When I was not using this oil regularly I complained to the team and they asked me to use it regularly for atleast 4 weeks. And when I did the results were positive. So dandruff issue is bit stubborn and you have to deal with it patiently too
  • Improves hair’s shine & luster ( As I said above it made my hair look shiny too)

How to use

  • Massage into the scalp.
  • Leave it for 3 hours minimum and for better results leave it for overnight.
  • Wash it off.
  • Use it at least 2-3 times a week.

Eyova-2   You can always contact them on their email address eyovaforhair@gmail.com or visit their website www.eyova.com. They deliver world-wide 🙂

15 thoughts on “Eyova Egg Hair Oil

  1. Welcome dear. I really need this oil in my life as I have very bad dandruff issue plus premature gray hair as well. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Interesting product, Nida. Is there a distributor in Pakistan? Could be a great opportunity since I never heard of a similar product here.

    1. It would be an excellent opportunity to distribute this product in Pakistan since we regularly damage our hair with styling products and coal tar dyes.

  3. Hi Nida,

    Thank you for reviewing this product. I ordered from India in May at a cost of US$200 for 10 bottles and my entire family is regularly using it now. The results are truly miraculous! We also tried making egg oil at home but it was stinky and the quality was horrible. Eyova technology seems fantastic.
    Can we continue using it during the roza? Is the product halal?

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