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Capri Aloe Natural Extract Soap

The best way to send gifts is in wrapping them in basket, and one basket was sent to me by Capri Team few days back. Capri is big and old name and needs no introduction. For the brand I think just name is enough.

Thank you Capri Team for sending a cute care package.The package includes 2 Capri Aloe Extract Soap, Floating candles, Soap Dish, Sweet Touch Nail Color.


The new soap has a very fascinating tag line which says ‘Khud ko dekho apni nazar say’. It’s a great message and  we all need to believe in ourselves because we all are beautiful in own way.

This soap contains aloe vera extract with honey and milk.We all know aloe vera is good for treating dead cells and milk and honey add softness and glow to the skin.

I also love their advertisement featuring Mawra Hocane, if you have not seen yet click here to see.



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