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Honeymoon is one best time of your married life and no matter you travel whole world the memories of this trip never fade. We always heard that Honeymoon is the best time for husband and wife to get along with each other and now I realized it is an ultimate truth.
We got married on 27th Dec 2014 and we went to our honeymoon in February 2015. Why it took us whole month to go? Read full post to read 🙂

I always wanted to go to Umrah (a pilgrimage to Mecca) after my wedding. I wanted to go and thank ALLAH before starting a whole new life. I wanted to see ALLAH’s home with my husband for very first time. And Alhumdullilah my husband also wanted to start our live in same way. When you wish for good ALLAH always listen and fulfill. And for this I am so thankful to almighty.

So basically it was just an Umrah plan but my husband didn’t told me and planned whole trip that included Dubai and Thailand too..I obviously got excited because this was my first ever trip anywhere out from Pakistan.

Our whole trip was almost 15 days plan which started from February 6th to 22nd Feb. We took off from Karachi on 6th Feb 4AM in the morning reached Dubai at 5AM. My cousin in Dubai came to receive us and after meeting him and his brother n family we went to our hotel Delmon Palace. After Jumma Namaz we head towards Desert Safari. We were picked from Burjuman Mall and they took us to the desert. A 4WD vehicle takes you to the most thrill ride of your life called dune bashing. That was the only good thing of the whole day event. We also took a camel ride which was like the smallest camel ride ever. The day was followed by henna, belly dance and a barbeque dinner.. I have to admit this was the worst barbeque buffet I had in my entire life(*sigh*). Our 1st day in Dubai was ended with a sizzlers steak dinner with my cousin’s family at Yoko Sizzlers.

Travel Diary- DubaiDesertSafari

We decided to go and see Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and dancing fountain next day. We took Metro and reached Dubai Mall Metro Station.

Travel Diary- DubaiMallSo I had to stop at Sephora, Bath and body works and Inglot. Though I only shopped from Inglot. I purchased their translucent powder because that was the only thing I forgot to take with me.

Travel Diary- DubaiBurjKhalifaBy the time we were at Burj Khalifa our mobile batteries were dead and my back was in big big pain. I felt like lying on a floor for a while. I still don’t know the reason of that extreme pain.But still enjoyed every bit of the beautiful Dancing Fountain along with Starbucks Coffee.

And with this pain we went to JBR Walk. We reached back to the hotel and had dinner with one of our friend.

Next afternoon we took our flight to Thailand, Bangkok and reached there at 1AM, 9th Feb. We directly reached at  Ambassador Hotel. I was starving by that time and we had a dinner at one of the Indian Restaurant.

Next morning we decided to go to a city tour and we hired Tuk Tuk, their local rickshaw ;). The tuk tuk took us to the boat station. It was a complete sight seeing including two biggest temples in Bangkok Wat Arun and Wat Pho.

Travel Diary- ThailandBangkok1

Travel Diary- ThailandBangkok2The weather was too hot even in February. I never thought I will sweat this much. Thanks to my translucent powder I got from Dubai 😉 ..After the city tour we went to Platinum Mall in Pratunam Market. OMG Thailand is soo cheap to shop :D. I bought jeans, shoes, sunglasses, tights, skirt, shirts and one knee length dress and a bag ;).

Next evening on 10th Feb, we took a bus from Bangkok to Phuket . It was a way long journey and we both just slept. We reached Phuket on 11th morning and reached hotel Sunset Beach Resort. The receptionist asked us to wait till 12pm to check in. Meanwhile we ate at the hotel and planned our day. After getting fresh we got a Scooty 🙂 went to Phuket beach. I can’t explain my excitement whenever I see water.

We did Jet skiing. And not the para sailing because I am just to scared of heights 😉 and spent whole evening at the beach in water.
I remember how people were staring me wearing a hijab in water. But I felt good about myself that at least I didn’t took it off in water too Alhumdullilah.

Travel Diary- ThailandPhuket4We went to hotel and changed clothes and then spent the remaining night roaming on the roads on scooty. We went to Phuket market, had dinner then at a Pakistani restaurant owners from Sialkot :). The food and ambiance was very good.

Next morning on 13th we went to James Bond Island. The tour guide picked us from our hotel. There was another Indian couple from our hotel who went in our van. And met 2 Pakistani’s too from UK.

The trip started with a visit to a monkey temple at Phang Nga Pier and it was like an OKISH experience. But glad we left from there in 30 mins. Once we reached to the Pier we were asked to wear life jackets and were taken to the Koh Panyee in a traditional Thai long-tail boat. We had the best Halal Thai food there. I was so happy to see that the island is a Muslim island and i can enjoy everything in food there. Had the most yummilicious Thai soup of my life. Then we went to their market and yes I shopped again 😀

Travel Diary- ThailandPhuket1

After the lunch we went directly to the island. Island was so small and I was not expecting it to be this small. But I still love it. It was beautiful. After spending some time at the island we went for canoeing and sightseeing that makes the trip even more ahh-mazing…

What I missed was the snorkeling, fishing but just because of limited time we couldn’t go to any other island. This was our last full day in Phuket and next day we had to take our flight back to Bangkok.

Travel Diary- ThailandPhuket2

Coming back to hotel we freshen up and went for dinner at the Laimai Seafood Restaurant followed by desert at Hagen Daz, did some walk on sea shore. lid the lantern, yes!! i always wanted to do that 😀

Travel Diary- ThailandPhuket5

Travel Diary- ThailandPhuket3

Next day we decided to go for some sight seeing and do some fun activities. We had half day before our flight to Bangkok and we went to Tiger Kingdom, Go Kart, Shooting . 
Travel Diary- ThailandPhuket6

We took our flight to Bangkok on 13 night. Valentine was about to begin and we both thought to go for a good Italian dinner at Little Italy  and then a walk. This was our last night in Bangkok and next morning we flew to Dubai for Jeddah and finally we reached Jeddah on 15th morning. I know our Thailand trip was very short but again it was never in plan. Our main plan and wish was to perform Umrah. By the time I reached Jeddah we were already in Ehram and the feeling of moving towards Makkah was beyond words.

Travel Diary-Umrah-MakkahMadina

After reaching Makkah we checkin to our Hotel Bakkah Arac Hotel. By this time we obviously wanted to rush to Haram and perform our Umrah. My heart beat was getting out of control and all I wanted to remember Dua’s at first glance of Kaaba’ .

This part i will probably not be able to write well because its just feelings and you don’t know how to explain. We performed two Umrahs and stayed 4 days in Makkah. We used to eat one time a day mostly and also tried AL-Tazaaj’s Mandi .We left for Madina on 19th Morning.
Madinaaaa… as described in all islamic verses and quotes, Madina is the most peaceful place of the world. You really find peace and relaxation. You love your prayers and enjoy them.We stayed 3 days in Madina. Also got a chance to eat the most raved food chain AL-Baik and no doubt the best broast ever.We  left Madina on 22 for Karachi,Pakistan.

I believe if you pray for something with your heart and soul, ALLAH always fulfill it. And the same happened to me. Alhumdulillah

If you guys liked my post and whole Honeymoon experience, say Ma sha ALLAH  and do share your Honeymoon memories in the comment below 🙂

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  1. Ma Shaa Allah .. such a beautiful post Nida .. I remember i had the samw wish an Umrah before marriage with parents n then one after marriage .. Al Hamd U lilah for that .. Allah def listens n fulfill ur desires .. love the pics .. ur couple is so adorable .. stay blessed dear ♡♡

  2. MashaAllah. Beautiful post. Thorough e joked reading it. I felt nostalgic and remembered my honeymoon which we went to Langkawi and KL. Honeymoon is magical and yes the memories are forever etched in our minds.

  3. MashaAllah. Beautiful post. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. I went to Langkawi and KL. Honeymoon is magical and yes the memories are forever etched in our minds.

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