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Color Studio’s Hypno Black and Kohl Addict

So the review for today is going to be a one combine post from the brand Color Studio Professional. The brand always come up with new products and this time after the Kohl Addict in Black, they launched it in the color Dark Brown. And their Hypno Black Eye Marker.

About the Product

Kohl Addict-Smudge Proof and Waterproof

A new generation Smudge Proof and Waterproof formula powered with mineral pigments for deepest brown color. It is formulated with care ingredients and gives a soothing feel. Enriched with Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil Esters and Vitamin C derivative.

Hypno Black Eye Marker- Effortless felt tip marker

Hypno Eye Marker is highly pigmented with concentrated carbon black. The precise tip ensures a fine, easy to control application. Long lasting, water repellent, paraben free. Apply to dry, grease free eyelids.

My View

KOHL ADDICT– When I was given these liners for the trial, I was kinda excited especially for the Dark Brown Pencil. I have to admit that whenever I go to buy colored eye pencils or liners I always end up with buying something else.. (sigh). and then I complain of not having colored eye pencils or liners. I immediately tried it on my waterline first but it didn’t show up like I thought. It is super creamy on hand but on my waterline it just didn’t appear. Anyways I still wore it and did all house chores with it including cooking. And after all my work when I saw the mirror, the product was no where on my waterline. It didn’t bleed though but it just vanished. I thought that may be its because of stove heat and all. Then the next time I wore it one my upper lash line and went for a movie with my hubby. After watching movie I went straight to Debenhems to avail my voucher. And there, when I saw mirror the liner was almost faded. I didn’t apply any primer before wearing it but that’s how I wear normally. So I had to try wearing this liner with a primer and the results were different. Wearing it with primer had definitely increased the staying power of it. I expected a lot from this product especially when I have used their black one. Black kohl pencil was definitely better than this one.



You may like

  • Not pricey.
  • Locally available.

You may not like

  • Staying power is a problem.
  • Fade off easily without a primer.

I personally like felt tip liners, they are very easy to handle and give a precise application in no time. But the markers are somehow not my good friends. I was using Bourjois Black Marker previously and it just dried up. And I obviously didn’t want this marker to be same.

According to the product description it should be applied on dry and non greasy lids. And I have super oily lids so I knew that I have to use it with a primer. The wear time of this product is not great but pretty fair. It is definitely not smudge proof and easily comes off with water but if you use a good primer with it then definitely the wear time increases. The precise tips make the flick a lot easier. So for a regular routine this is worth a price.



ColorStudioPakistan-NewLiners-SwatchesYou may like

  • Not pricey.
  • Locally available.
  • Easy application.

You may not like

  • Staying power is a problem.
  • Fade off easily without a primer.

Previously Color Studio Professional launched their Kohl Black Pencil along with their brush tip and felt tip liquid liners and they were great but these recent ones are unfortunately not up to my expectations.


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