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I know its been ages since I have written any thing and I swear I can’t even type lol.. Anyways today out of nowhere literally just like that I felt to sit and write something on my DEAD blog and it actually looks like bringing a dead from the grave. And I swear everything looks so outdated here like blog theme, pictures, writing style and what not and I really need to change everything but besides all this, those who know me and were my actual followers know that I was alive on my other social media accounts like Instagram , Facebook and Snapchat so I don’t think I have to dig into all the details regarding where I was but yes IΒ  can write about WHY I was away.

A year back when I moved to Dubai my life was not the same, I meanΒ  whole new life with new responsibilities you know !! Managing house , groceries , daily cooking, laundry, cleaning and what not and honestly that was a lot for me and the MAIN part sitting home 24/7 and sometimes literally 7 days a week. I know this sounds like I had a lot of time to write and focus on blog life but seriously I felt like a changed person. I was not into makeup , no shopping, no friends, no family , no exciting routine and an empty house lol and this actually made me lazy.

Initial days here in Dubai was tough and boring and dull and nothing exciting as I said . We had no car and all we used to do was going to watch movie in a cab on a weekend. I couldn’t walk much at that cox i was expecting (which got finished in later months, not really want to talk about the details for now) . Anyways to some up everything I was lacking motivation and did not want to start everything from scratch and wait for the response in a whole new country.( ya, you can say I was running away)

With all this let me fast forward to today’s date . I am alhumdullilah very happy being in DUBAI and today I really love it. this place is so lively ma sha ALLAH and yes we can enjoy all the halal food here yay. And those who followed me they know how I got busy with guests every month.Yes, it can be a whole separate post lol

With all this QUICK recap of my life I think I should wrap this post cox I don’t want to bore any one but now I’m thinking to write frequently literally about everything from A to Z..

So what do you think guys ?? should I??? Do give me your feedback and suggestions how to bring LIFE to this BLOG of MINE



7 thoughts on “Come Back Post

  1. Ooh so good to see you writing. And I would love to read about all the details of your life like a desi aunty haha. =D best of luck. Looking forward to more writing.

  2. When I saw your blog, I thought “how come she is not active” but being a wife myself who went through different transitions, going from canada to karachi to live for a while, then to dubai and living in the hotel for 15 days and then in sharing for 1 month (in which i stayed in the room all day, 6 days a week!) and then finally getting our car and moving in to our own home .. then a whole new transition from dubai to back here and still not in to our own home yet, not to mention the struggles I have faced (that can be a whole new topic to talk about lol and the good n bad experiences I had with people from Dubai) but still having all the duties of a wife and an older sister, I could totally understand your situation by reading your blog! and its good to see that you are making a come back!!

    looking forward to your blogs inshaAllah! Best of Luck.. and at times, we have more things in common with someone we would not even think of.. I think I have things in common with you πŸ™‚

    Anyway, good to have you back! πŸ™‚

      1. You’re very welcome!! indeed. πŸ™‚ InshaAllah one day, you and I can say I love yea to one another! πŸ˜€

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