My Life’s current status

So , today its about a quick update of my current life situation. When last I was blogging I was a working independent woman and today I am still working but as a HOUSE WIFE.

I didn’t  started working here in UAE  though I was working with my Pakistan’s company from home  but then in July it got finished too.

Since then I have like 100 of professional plans and only few are in process with a very slow progress. I guess some people needs more effort I guess and yes it’s all about time. And yes I guess Allah wants some people to pray hardest to get what they want !!

Anyways currently I am active on my Instagram where I post makeup looks everyday. I don’t have anyone to try on makeup so I do on my own face and that’s a stress releaser for me. Second I am on Snapchat as well which is all about being random. I share my life there which includes everything from cooking to cleaning , but only when I feel like . After being pulled down so many times I am still posting what I like though I stopped in middle 😂 LMAO

Then I have made a comeback to my makeup selling business with a new name name NB Lounge. Where I just not sell makeup but  everything from Beauty , Accessories, Clothing and Household. I take orders on my Facebook business page and man I really need to learn business techniques because the point where I want to reach seems like it will accomplished in next life as per the speed. Is there anyone who can provide me with some tried and tested tips ??? 

And last but not the least my blog page on Facebook which gets audience because of my Instagram looks.

I want to start working, start earning like LITERALLY EARNING and still looking for some opputunities and I want everyone to please pray for me that I meet all my targets in 2017

Btw , next post will be about 2017 Goals and Target. 

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4 thoughts on “My Life’s current status

  1. I am definitely following you, thats why I got an email as soon as you posted today! 😀 I had fun reading your post along with a slice of my yummy cheesecake 😛 .. You will inshaAllah reach all your goals in the upcoming year. May Allah SWT provide you with success in this world and the hereafter. Keep going and don’t feel down due to some.

    With time, I will do my best to share any tips and suggestions I have for your business success. I tried before too but those were not business related lol..

    Chalti Jao bus <3

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