Life Goals 2017

So, 2016 is almost over and before 2017 officially get started I want to share my goals list with you all
There is so much I want from next year and I know not everything is in your control but I still want to accomplish my entire list.Not just a wishlist I also want to change few things as a personality and professionally both. So if you are interested in finding out what then keep on reading

1- To work harder as a blogger

Yes, this whole year I almost quit blogging but now I have to be back in the game, like giving my 200% to something I have always loved . And the efforts have already started because this post is being written while I am in a bus. Yay!! And now when I want to be in the game I get so many ideas like my mind actually started working lol.

2- To increase my business sale

I made a come back to my online selling business and this time it’s not just makeup. I really want to get n have a massive traffic on my page. I want to get fully loaded with orders. Initially when I was doing it was just a hobby but now its pure business. In sha ALLAH (link to my page)
Right now it’s like UAE to PAK, USA to PAK and USA to UAE. I want to work harder to earn as much as I could.

3- Start making videos

This has to be the toughest of all, I am planning to start making YouTube videos from last 2 years. The only thing that is stopping me is the confidence to come in front of camera. I do not have a inspiring accent infact I would say I have a desi accent and I don’t know if people really like to see me talking . And the next I have ZERO knowledge of video making and editing. So , that’s like a challenge for me 😀

4- Start working on biggest plan

This I don’t want to reveal but just to be on point. I have been planning something for quite a long time and now I think I should jump into it. Because I do think *waqt kam muqabla sakht*

this was all related to my work  and yes none of the goals involve any luxury because I want to earn to have all that in my life and I want 2017 to be that year for me.

5- Change me a bit

I have always been confident and extrovert but now I have become intrvert all over. I really need to be more social and make more real life friends.

6- Start Quran daily

Right now, I am lacking in this and I really need to fix it. And I want you guys to pray for me too. I want to start Quran with proper tafseer too In sha ALLAH

This is it for now, I want this post to be checklist for next year.I hope 2017 be bright and amazing for everyone and may you all get what you aim for AMEEN

Do share atleast one of your goal in the comments below



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