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Last sunrise of 2016

Ok , so this post is interesting!! 2016 is almost ending in few hours

My dear husband made a plan to see the last sunrise of 2016 from the top of Jabel-e-Hafeet. This is not the first time we went to  the top , we have been there thrice and saw the sunset twice but this experience was ultimate.

We left our house at 2:30 am and let me tell you the fog situation, it was intense . Hats off to husband dear who didn’t give up driving in such dense fog though I said thrice that Let’s go back!!!

Our plan was to first go to the Green Mubazzarah – hot water springs garden and then at the top. We reached at the spring at around 4:20am and then after praying Fajar at the mosque there we went to the top. We reached top at around 6:45 am and sunrise time was 7:00 am as per internet.

snapseed snapseed


I must say the weather up there was COLD and WINDY. I was feeling cold but enjoyed the most hehehe.

snapseed snapseed snapseed snapseed


The moment sun came out , omg that was the most mesmerizing moment Subhan Allah. And I was like Aur tum apne rab ki kaun kaun si naimaton ko jhutlao gay. 

img_6154 snapseed snapseed

The mountain , the sky up there and the sunrise that’s a deadly combo. You guys should also visit this place and I can bet all the effort and driving effort worth it.

We are sitting and waiting for the fireworks here at Burj Khalifa and I am writing this post 😍😍😍

With this I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may this upcoming year be the best for you and people around you .


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