First sunset of 2017 from Jabal Jais

1 January 2017! The very first day. I was sleeping after having all the new year celebrations (see here) and when I woke up I saw the time and it was 2:30 pm, my husband was already awake and was working on his laptop in TV lounge. The very first thing he asked me when I came out  ‘Jabal Jais chalna hai?‘ I was like ‘abhi’ he said ‘haan sunset dekhtay hain’. I was like OK, let’s go then. And by this we left home in 30 mins because our aim was to reach before sunset and according to the map it takes 2.5 hour.

Jabal Jais is a mountain located in another state named Ras-al-Khaimah

On our way I said to my husband that why didn’t you wake me up when there was a plan and he told me it was already in plan list we made for anniversary week. And then I realize it’s me who FORGOT.

I was never ever a road trip lover but now I have started loving it and the reason is obviously the company Alhumdulillah.  He is such a sport I tell you guys Ma sha ALLAH .

My today’s post will be like only pictorial. I really want all of you to see and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Here we go, the mountains are in front
 Here we go, the mountains are in front now




I took this picture in low ISO and I completely LOVED IT
I took this picture in low ISO and I completely LOVED it

There were many stop overs and many people were taking pictures in front of mountains unlike Jabal-e-Hafeet (people are not allowed to take pictures there), bbq-ing and again we thought we should come again with friends/ family in sha ALLAH. At one stop I asked my husband to stop the car cox I wanted to take pictures.

I still wanted to sit in center of the road lol
I still wanted to sit in center of the road lol

Thanks to my dear husband who is my favorite personal photographer too. He said I knew it you want to want to take picture sitting on the wall like people were doing and I was like no I want to sit on the road LOL.

And finally we stopped at one place which was almost the top cox it was just 5 mins left in Maghrib and  I didn’t want to miss the sunset and landscapes.

Just look at the view man !


Just few minutes before Sunset
   Just few minutes before Sunset
Mr and Mrs
Mr and Mrs
I prayed namaz on this stone too <3
Right at the time of Sunset
Right at the time of Sunset

I just can’t get over this place and honestly pictures are not doing justice at all. I so wanted to have a wide lens to capture the entire landscape in one frame. And I wanted to stay there and do a born fire and enjoy hot coffee and sheesha. And yes , bbq ofcourse. I hope we make this plan before winters end *keeping fingers cross*.

After leaving from there we went to have dinner at Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor , and that is another experience on its own  I tell you. Do comment if you want to see a post on it? because I am not sure if i add food reviews on this blog or not. Do comment haan, I need voting from all of you <3

I hope you all have enjoyed this post. Do share what you all did on 1 Jan and how this new year treating you all so far?

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  1. Such lovely landscapes… subhan Allah
    Jabal Jais has been on my list since so many days…hopefully we’ll make it to there this year inshaa Allah
    btw u look cute sitting on road.. nice pictures girl (y)

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