TishTash Beauty,Health & Wellness Press Day

26th April 2017, TishTash organized an event which included beauty ,health and wellness all together. It was a full day activity distributed in different time slots.

We had to book our desired slot and I booked the Beauty one ( for obvious reason). I wanted the health one too but I knew I couldn’t do workout with all fit ladies there.(*sigh*)

The event was at Pure Sky Lounge Hilton Hotel at JBR.. now I don’t know if I have ever said that but JBR is my most favorite place in DUBAI.. Yes, I always wanted to have an apartment there because of so many reasons. I can be there anytime and since I have always visited JBR at night it was a great experience to witness the view in daytime and yes it looked equally beautiful. I think I should plan a breakfast plan with my friends someday.

So, like always I took the cab and went straight to the venue. Firstly I went to the Hilton Hotel but then I found out that the venue location was at  Hilton Hotel Apartments, which was right across the street.

As soon I entered, the place was full of colors , full of lovely people and the tishtash people were super professional I must say. I literally had to figure out from which side I should start because everything was on POINT. So I decided to go with the flow and visited all the stations one by one.


Ban.do is brand that makes funky clothes, accessories, stationary, gifts. Their station was the most colorful of all.

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The Nail Pavilion

Nail Pavilion is a nail salon in JLT , they were giving free manicures and padicures too. I didn’t got because of Namaz. But if I could I would love to get neon nails.


Farm House Fresh

This was one of my favorite station because of the products they had. FHF is a pure organic and vegan brand which has huge range of skin care and body care. I also got full arms massage and trust me I felt like getting a whole body massage (*sigh*). She used oil + lotion together and my skin instantly got hydrated and plumped.

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Reine Michi

I always felt good when someone initiate with their own brand and this girl who is also a member of tishtash team came up with her own natural, vegan, handmade and ethical skin care and beauty brand. She also gave us her best seller sugar scrub for trial which I have started using and will definitely write a review on blog.


Kera Straight

Honestly I am not into hair brands cox I never get any hair styling but it was interesting to know about hair care brands. This brand is famous for their protein treatment and styling products.

Brand is available at few hi-profile salons in Dubai.

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We all know about fillers but this is something different. Its a Derma Cosmetic Fillers that can be used by anyone at home and without any pain. Basically it does not include injections but the tool does look like an injection though. I so want to try it.

And besides this they also have skin care products. The girl also suggested me 2 products considering my skin.

Brand is available at Super Care pharmacy!!

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Show Beauty

Another luxurious hair brand. This brand has the most sexiest packaging. Can you all believe how ignorant person I am when I was told about hair perfumes. Yes,  I first time encountered that there are hair perfumes as well. And man I tried it on my hijab (obv cox my hair were not open) and I fell in love with the fragrance.

The Hair Perfume is in my wishlist now  😀

Brand is available at Bloomingdales Dubai.

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Lipstick Queen

A new brand for me but with very interesting background. Poppy who is the owner of the brand couldn’t find her style of shades in lipsticks brands and then she decided to come up with her own range (that’s fascinating na)

Brand is available in Bloomingdales Dubai

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Who does not know Neutrogena, their station was promoting their new hydro boost range. We got the samples and I will for sure try them.



Another aesthatic medicine inspired skin care brand. They gave us the samples of almost every range they have. And I will start trying them very soon.

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Love Shop Pray

First can we just focus on the name of the brand, isn’t it catchy? I always get attracted to unique names. Its a designer brand that have clothes, shoes and accessories.

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Herbal Essentials

I always wanted to get my skin test done and luckily I got the chance at their station. The moment she started the test I was praying to get not so bad results. Yes, I know my skin is pretty bad but I was hoping not to see worst results.

My result said that my skin is dry and inside the skin I have oil glands which means that my skin is basically dehydrated because of less water in take. She suggested me 2 products and lots of water. I will get the suggested products because the brand is affordable too. Phew the results were not bad, atleast I can make it better t with water intake.

Brand is available at Super Care and many other pharmacies in UAE.

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That’s it you guys, I summed up the whole event as precise as I could. I loved attending this event and would love to be a part of TishTash team officially.

Oh , how can I forget to share the snack corner. I didn’t eat anything but the snack corner had lot of healthy and yummy options.

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Besides all the samples given by brands we also got a huge goodie bag. Bag included some free stuff and some discount coupons <3

Thankyou Team TISHTASH

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  • Shirt – Joanna
  • Jeans- Forever21
  • Shoes- Vincci
  • Jewellery- From Thailand
  • Hijab- Gift from sister

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Till next time XOXO

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  1. Hey that sounds like one amazing event and looks like u enjoyed too 🙂
    Lipstick Queen just stole my heart; loved the approach, when you are not satisfied with anything else then go and build your own line. Impressive!
    And that skin test is the winner hands down, I will get it done someday too inshaa Allah 😉

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