Pouring my heart out!!

(Shez no more , she left this world the very next morning I post this)

Sometimes you need a jerk in life to make sure you are not heading towards wrong direction. That jerk does not always have to be in your life, but it can be with anyone and all you need is to put yourself in that space !! And I understand you can not always put yourself manually and feel it. It just happens from Allah. And today something happened EXACTLY like this.

I was cursing my professional life 2 days back so badly that I wanted to QUIT everything and was into so much depression and stress that all I could see the NEGATIVITY around me (*please don’t bash cox seriously it’s not easy to express your weak times in front of world*) .

Today when I am writing this post , my fingers are moving fast on my phone keypad and I am not even thinking what and how I should write. The pain I am feeling right now is unbearable and I honestly feel it’s just started to get worst and all I thought to write whatever I feel!!

Now what this is all about, start reading now!!

A very sweet girl is in very critical condition and she is in ICU with some undiagnosed Brain Infection. Her name is Yumna Babar!!

Well I never met her in person but she’s my friend’s friend and an admin on one of Facebook group and also a member of others groups. Now I am not into much of all the groups so I had no idea what’s going on unless I read my friend’s Facebook status !!

My fingers now have started shivering and my eyes are all wet coz I just read one of her old post which she posted on April 7, and whatever she wrote it shook me from inside. I want all of you to read this !!



The reason I have shared with you all that she is again in hospital and very critical as per resources and trust me she needs us , the second reason I shared it here publicly is because I want to use all my social access to pray for her!! She is too young to suffer all this .

Please recite ‘ya salamo’ and ‘ayat-e-karima’ as much as you can and share this post with friends and if not the post then do ask your friends to pray for her!!!! 

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