Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture Palette – The Truth

Ok you guys !! Get yourself some Tea or Coffee coz I am telling you this is going to be a long post.

We all know the DRAMA happening on social media regarding Anastasia Subculture Palette. So, after reading/ watching all the review here K am with what I think of this palette. I know people who don’t own this palette are very confused whether to get it or not, whether all the reviews are correct or not. And honestly I never saw such mixed feelings for any product.

So before I start my verdict here is a DISCLAIMER. This palette is my own purchase so whatever I will say is going to be MY honest point of view. And I will try that this post will help you to decide either to go for this palette or not. 

I have been Anastasia lover ever since I know this brand. And ever since I have moved to Dubai I get my Anastasia product directly from USA as soon as they launched.(cox Sephora does come up pretty late with new products) . I got my Modern Renaissance palette as soon as it got launched. And so did I order Subculture palette. I also have Mario’s palette which he created in collaboration with Anastasia.( but that I got from Sephora Dubai)

So now, if we see Modern Renaissance came first then Mario’s Palette and now this Subculture. The brand has been saying this palette Sister to Modern Renaissance . And that naturally leads everyone expectations pretty high cox modern Renaissance is the BEST SELLER and still it’s the most FAVORITE palette and that is why people are constantly comparing the two palettes. But, according to me we should also include Mario’s palette for better review.

Ok, so as I said Modern Renaissance  have been everyone’s fav cox of its color, pigmentation and how easy it is to use. Yes , the palette do not have any fall out. But if anyone of you have used Mario’s palette you would have notice that it has a fall out and trust me when I got a chance to meet Mario at his meet and greet in Dubai Mall, he told the audience that his palette have fallout and that’s cox it’s more like a press pigment which means it is creamy and a little goes a long way. Means you just don’t need to swirl or tap hard on the pan to get the product but just a soft pat can hold a lot of product. And I LOVE my Mario’s palette.

So this idea is to use lighter hand.

The pigmentation of Subculture palette is quite similar to Mario one so the fall out part is not an issue for me clearly . Infact I have used the palette and still using non stop for everyday looks too.

This shades in the palette itself can be called pressed pigments. so as per my verdict it is not bad as it is shown in the may not like it and that’s okay coz everyone have their own preferences.

The only drawback for me is oxidation of the shades, especially Axis and Rowdy.. Axis turns to look grey ish black on my eye lid and same goes with Rowdy. 


Here are the looks I tried doing it with this palette and absolute loved it.

My Instagram does have more pictures of these looks in case you want to see them ❤️

I wanted to include Mario’s swatches too but I couldn’t include it at the moment. Tell me in the comments below if you want to see the swatches.

Sephora!! Clarins Gift Box

It’s going to be a quick post today !!

Just came to share my new loyalty points gift box from Sephora . You all know I talked about this in my previous post here . If you have not read that post then do read it!!

Before I start sharing pictures I hope to get more better boxes in upcoming months !! And I hope to get my gold card soon 🙈🙈🙈

Anyways , enjoy the pictures and do let me know if you need detailed review on any of the product!

– Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (30ml)

– Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser (30ml)

– Clarins Instant Eyemakeup Remover (30ml)

– Clarins Skin Smoothing Eyemask (5ml)

I wanted the eye mask to be atleast 30 ml too but that’s okay!!

I would love to listen what you all want to see on blog!! Meanwhile don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for latest makeup look. My Instagram name is Nida’s Beauty Bag






Sephora once again!!!

Here I am once again with a Sephora gift box which I got using my loyalty points!!

Ever since 2017, the loyalty gift boxes has gone to whole new level!! They have started giving full sizes which is amazing because you know you really work hard to get these points . We get 1 point on 10 aed , so it’s like we are investing a lot 😂😂.

So again, I had more than 1 voucher and Sephora have one more option which is by Clarins , which I am getting in few days for sure but for today I am sharing my Too Faced, rich girl obsession box which caught my eyes and I picked this immediately! I could got both but the girl at counter had little knowledge and according to her I was only eligible for 1 gift, though I can still get more boxes 😀😀😀

Rich Girl Obsession

Ok, so this box has 3 products and 2 of them are full sizes

– Too Faced better than Love mascara (full size)

– Too Faced perfect wear waterproof eyeliner (full size)

– Too Faced shadow insurance primer (deluxe)

These are the perks of black card holder and let me show you what gold card holders will get in this month gift box. I was actually drooling and all I wanted to get the gold card lol !!  Which means more shopping 🙈🙈

Look at this guys !! Such heavy duty and fully loaded box 🙈🙈

It’s a fully UD box I couldn’t spot every product but man this is amazing, and these are the types of boxes they always get 😳😳😳😳

I wish UAE Sephora comes up with the brand Stila coz I really want to get their new metallic liquid shadows 


Khussay Kahani

Do you know why I named this post Khussay Kahani because I am a hoarder of Khussa’s . I wanted to name this post differently and I asked people to share the ideas but I didn’t get anything attracted infact very fewer people respond. So, I have to focus myself and decided this..

As it says Kahaani , I have to share background story. When I was young like during my school time, I had very slim feet with a long thumb and none of the shoes used to fit me. Every sandals /slippers use to be loose especially from front. So I had to buy with the buckle at the end. With this Khussay were the my only hope. And since the khussay do not have shape initially and they turn according to your feet shape , I started enjoy wearing them. And my comfort level also raised with time.

When I was in University , we had to walk alot as you all know how big Karachi University is.. and trust me or not mostly I use to wear and walk in khussa’s . I remember my boss in the office use to say how the hell you walk in them in basically besides likeness they are SUPER COMFORTABLE for me. (like i love heels but i cant walk in them for long)

Now its time to move to this post kahaani.

We dubai people are blessed with GLOBAL VILLAGE and this year when I went for the first time I saw amazing khussa’s in INDIAN pavilion. And they were all reasonable too. I picked only 1 pair but after coming back home I wanted to get more :D. So, next time I especially went to buy more. And then I got 2 more….Hehe!!!

So now if you wants to see the picture then just scroll down to see the pictures …


The first khussa I got from first visit of Global Village 2017
The first khussa I got from first visit of Global Village 2017


Front look# 1
Front look# 1

They are exactly the same color as shown in the picture for AED 45 only/

Lets move to the second and third one now


Let's bring some color to your feet
Let’s bring some color to your feet


You can pair them with anything LITERALLY
You can pair them with anything LITERALLY
Front Look # 2
Front Look # 2

Ok , so last one is bit formal. When I saw them I said to my husband that I can’t wait to wear them on EID or someones MEHNDI.

It has silver beeds on it
It has silver beeds on it


 I dont know but I want to get chooridar pajama with this ..What do you think guys???
I don’t know but I want to get chooridar pajama with this ..What do you think guys???


Front Look # 3
Front Look # 3

So, what do you think ?? Haina khubsurat. These both were of AED 75/ in total..

If you guys like this post then do share the LOVE by commenting .. Your comments and feebacks means alot to me !!!

Recreated Sephora Excessive Rainbow Look #daretoexperiment

Ok, so as I said in my previous post (read here) that I will recreate looks from the event!! So here I go !!

I chose Excessive rainbow which I wanted to get done at the event too but it couldn’t happen but I am glad I did on my own. Alhumdulillah . I have already shared pictures on my Instagram . I normally do not post the makeup looks here but for this I want to have a separate post of all the looks in sha Allah . If you guys want to recreate any of the look don’t forget to use #daretoexperiment and tag me @nidasbeautybag too so I can find you !!

So, I think let’s start with the pictures , I will post the product breakdown too in the end


Close to the eyes
Close to the eyes



And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn't find similar shade
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn’t find similar shade

So this is it for this look. I am thinking to recreate other looks too. In case you like this please leave a comment !!

And yes here is the breakdown of products I used


💫 @morphebrushes 35b palette
💫 @pinkygoatlashes 3D lashes in Raha
💫 @lorealprome color riche kajal on waterline
💫 @benefitmiddleeast they’re real mascara

💫 @marcbeauty coconut primer
💫 @giorgioarmaniofficial luminous silk foundation in 3.5
💫 @benefitmiddleeast hoola bronzer

💫 @kyliecosmetics in Spice

@sigmabeauty @sigma_affiliate @mikasabeauty






Sephora Loyalty Point Gifts

I love Sephora and that’s an obviouslove and having Sephora near by is one of the biggest blessing I tell you!! Though DXB Sephora do not have enough brands as USA but still my LOVE for Sephora is 😍😍😍

Shopping in Sephora is so much fun also because of these Loyalty Points . I never shared my gifts but this time I am in TOTAL LOVE with both the gifts. So, I had 4 gifts due and I chose these 2 for now. And they normally change gifts option every month so the other 2 I will see in sha Allah next month.

Ok so the 1st option was Marc Jecobs set , and everyone who are on my Instagram and Snapchat know my love for this brand. And the items in here are the deluxe sizes. Do you really want to see ???  If yes!! Tu scroll karu Yar 😉



This is the most exciting product for me out of all
This is the most exciting product for me out of all
And here you go I always wanted to try this
And here you go I always wanted to try this
And this is how I try different mascaras
And this is how I try different mascaras

Next box is Sephora set which is also pretty good because for the first time it has great products.



This I never tried and I just hope it’s going to be good for dry skin
This I have tried once only and it was pretty good
This I have tried once only and it was pretty good
Excited for this one too
Excited for this one too
This I got in delux size in last Sephora box and I am only using this since on all my looks on Instagram. So pretty excited to get the full size
This I got in delux size in last Sephora box and I am only using this since on all my looks on Instagram.
So pretty excited to get the full size
This is like a forever  item in their boxes and I have no idea how many I have now
This is like a forever item in their boxes and I have no idea how many I have now

Haina zabardast gifts, What do you think guys?

These gifts made me buy more products from Sephora hehehe 😂


After experimenting with many products finally I have some great products for my extreme sensitive skin. I have recently restocked them because I successfully finished the whole products and LOVED IT to core. Yes, I am taking about Bioderma products which I accidentally purchased in a hope of liking them. So what I picked was from their ATODERM range which is especially for DRY TO VERY ATOPIC SENSITIVE SKIN. The products I picked are ATODERM PP Gel MoussantATODERM CREAM and got two tiny sample bottles of SENSIBIO H2O

About the range

Through its Atoderm range, BIODERMA has an original solution for very dry to atopic sensitive skin Thanks to its dermo-patented formulas, Atoderm biologically and lastingly restores the hydrolipidic film of skin lacking moisture and lipids.

ATODERM PP Gel Moussant 

About the product

  • Formulated with purifying agents and Vitamin PP, Atoderm PP Gel moussant combats the proliferation of micro-organisms, irritants that aggravate cutaneous dryness.
  • Atoderm PP Gel moussant soothes sensations of discomfort and irritation and helps biologically strengthen the skin barrier.

Instructions for use

Morning and/or evening – 7 days a week

  • Apply Atoderm PP Gel moussant on damp skin.
  • Lather, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry gently.
  • Then apply Atoderm PP Baume in the event of a break-out.




The product comes in a steady tube which has 200 ml of product in it. The texture is exactly like a liquidy gel in blue color. The product has no fragrance at all, it all smells like a medicated product which is the most needed thing for my skin type. And yes it is also paraben free, soapfree and hypoallergenic.


I was suggested this as a face wash but its properties are more like a cleanser. It does lather too like face wash but it gently cleanses my skin. I often use it with my Olay Pro X cleansing system. I like how it massages into my skin. With people having sensitive skin really need a product that give a cooling and soothing sensation and this definitely gives exactly the same. It feels like a cool water and takes away all the irritation and itching that I normally have on my face. I used to scratch my face all day cause of that irritation.

Normally, I don’t like facewash cox I feel they don’t rinse off well and you have to juggle with them but this is super quick. It definitely gives a good moisture to my skin without making it feel greasy.
As I said I have already restocked this product and this is the only facewash/daily cleanser I am using these days.
According to the website instructions it works best with the ATODERM PP BAUME but since I don’t have it I directly apply my Sensibio H20 followed by Atoderm Cream.


About the product

  • Thanks to its nourishing and restructuring agents, Atoderm Crème biologically strengthens the skin barrier and thereby curbs the penetration of irritants.
  • Enriched with moisturising agents, Atoderm Crème binds water in the upper layers of the skin and keeps it from evaporating.

Instructions for use

Once or twice a day – 7 days a week

  • Apply Atoderm Crème on your skin after cleansing with Atoderm Crème lavante and gently drying.
  • The moisturising effect of Atoderm Crème is optimised if you apply it on lightly moistened skin (after a bath, shower or mist).



My View

Again a tube packaging, nothing different except a blue lid. The consistency is like a normal moisturizer not so thick not so liquidy and yes again this one is fragrance free too.


I have no idea what type of formula it is but it is remarkably hydrated. A small amount goes a long long way. I love to apply it on my face and sometimes body before going to bed . It smooths the skin with adding a softness to it. When I say I have a dry skin this means I have a super duper skin. My cheeks get flaky with dryness, they get rough and hard to touch. This creme also help with the dry flakes and it last pretty longer than other moisturizer I tried. The product tends to get absorbed into my skin and also sticks to the skin without being greasy (I hope this make sense). I can easily apply my foundation afterwards and it really helps me in blending it.

Like the gel this also helps in calming down the irritation and itchiness on my skin. One of the best I tried so far. At least I can use it without fearing of break out.

Sensibio H2O

About the product

It is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectlyCOMPATIBLE with the skin: its fatty acid esters, the constituent elements of micelles, are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes
and naturally help rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Instructions for use

Morning and/or evening – 7 days a week

  • Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O.
  • Gently cleanse and/or remove make-up fromYOUR face and eyes.
  • Re-apply until the cotton pad becomes clean.
  • Lightly dab your face with a clean cotton towel.



My View

This I got as a sample from the sales girl. She gave it to me saying it works great as a toner. And almost half of my bottle I used it as a toner. It gives a gentle cooling sensation to the skin. Later on, I found out that it is basically a makeup remover especially for sensitive skin. I still use it as a toner as well after using my ATODERM GEL Moussant.


I always prefer a water based makeup remover and I was using the bodyshop one before this but ever since I have started using this I don’t think I need anything else. Makeup removing was never this easy. It works great with cotton pads but in case you are out of cotton you can use it with tissue paper as well. Oh yes!! it is that good. They have named it H2O and yes it is water completely. No color, no fragrance, crystal clear and yes paraben free too.

Whenever I have used a water based makeup remover I have always feel dryness on my skin which is okay cox you ultimately have to apply a moisturizer but just to tell how good it is I never feel dryness with this magical water. You don’t even need to wash the face afterwards.

I have recently purchased its bigger bottle and will keep on buying forever I guess. I also want to try out their other products from this range like SENSIBIO DS+ GEL and SENSIOBIO TOLERANCE +

I got these products from Scensation, Dolmen Mall Clifton. They don’t have the entire range like I couldn’t find the Sensibio full range except for the Sensiobio H20. But still these all products are available there in a very good and reasonable prices.