Types of foundation

Everyone knows how important foundation is in the makeup world. No makeup artist can skip this as it prepares our face for the application, it even outs the skin, it hides the blemishes and scars. The foundation world is growing in terms of shades and types according to the skin type. There are many types … More Types of foundation

Skin undertones

We all know our skin tones but how many of us really know about our undertones?? What are undertones?? Does it have any connections with our makeup and accessories?? Let’s find out 🙂 What are undertones Undertones are the layer of color under our skin. Beneath our skin there is another layer of color which … More Skin undertones

Active/Inactive Ingredients- Do you know the difference?

Few days ago I did not heard of the words ‘Active/Inactive Ingredients’. Did you know the difference? If not then I hope this post will be useful for you. Every product has ingredients in it. And Ingredients are of two types. Active Ingredients Inactive Ingredients These two ingredients are  displayed on product’s label but in … More Active/Inactive Ingredients- Do you know the difference?