68th Independence Day with Origins Pakistan and Latitude PR

14th August has always been a special festive occasion for us. It is not just an Independence Day but its more like a 3rd Eid to Pakistani’s.
This year I have witnessed another level of enthusiasm and excitement in our people and in our fashion industry too. Almost every designer came up with their #azaadicollection, with complete patriotic prints and colors. And it was not just with the designers, dolmen mall celebrated independence with a 4 day sale and almost every brand followed and offered a great sale..

It was Thursday 13, August 2015 and was the first day of the grand sale. I went to shopping with my friend at Dolmen Mall, Clifton and ended up buying one unstiched 2 piece suit from Ethnic, Outfitters. Though the sale and stuff was amazing everywhere but I just stopped myself with one suit :D..

Ok, so on my way back to home I saw many bloggers uploading their Independence Day gift by Origins Pakistan and I was so impressed by the gesture and all I could think that I might have a parcel waiting for me. And yes, it was waiting for me :D. Thank GOD I was at my mum’s place because all my parcels still comes at my mum’s address and I was there to actually enjoy the moment of receiving gift from the brand.

The packaging was awesome and I saw its not just one package there were actually two. One was from Origins Pakistan and the other was from Nestle Pakistan and both were via Latitude PR. I have already shared pictures on my Instagram and Snapchat (nidabblogger) too but still this post was HAVE TO. Everyone knows if I am happy with a brand or product I always write a post 🙂

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-3

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-2

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-4

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-5

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-6

Ok, so I immediately wore this day on 14th Aug and since I was at my mom’s place I had almost NO MAKEUP with me. I might not look perfect but I love how this colorful print looked on me 😀

OOTD-68th Independence Day with Origins1OOTD-68th Independence Day with Origins3
OOTD-68th Independence Day with Origins2

OOTD-68th Independence Day with Origins4


And I said there was another package by #nestlepakistan. The package includes the invite of 14th August event, few postcards and an #ayeshasomaya scarf.

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-7

Origins-and-Latitude-PR's- 68th- Independence-Day-Gift-8


See how gorgeous this print look.I am definitely going to keep the Origins box and this scarf as a souvenir.

Do share your feedback and comments because I love hearing them from you all 🙂