Anfas Collection by Asim-al-qassim

You all know I love going to events. And I love them even more after being at home 24/7. Honestly being a house wife is the toughest job on this planet. And after this tough job these events make me feel breathe and fresh.

In Ramadan I got a chance to attend an event happened in Dubai Festival City at Beautique.This is first time when I attended any perfume launch.

Very famous Emirati architect plus perfumer Asim Al Qassim launched his new collection name Anfas (The essence of Arabian home) . I loved the whole idea and the collection is based on 6 exotic perfumes.

In this post I will share the event details and in next post will be about our goodie bag.

Our launch venue

No they are not Paan , they are chocolates ❤❤

Ok, so I said it was ramadan and it was 27th night and all I wanted to get free early so that I can come home on time for my prayers. And since in ramadan all events happened after Iftar it takes a lot of time. But I was so glad we got free right on time. The event timings was 9:30 pm we reached at 10:00 pm and got free by 11:00 am.

Asim-al-Qassim telling us  about his collection

The Anfas team made us test and smell all the 6 perfumes during Asim was explaining each of them , and this was such a great experience smelling them along with the background of each fragrance .

A little chit chat session with the great entrepreneur

He was sweet to tell me that he really hope we like these fragrances as he has put a lot of efforts in it. And he told me that he will be giving one of out of these 6 as a gift. ( Sweet na )

Now let’s see the names below .

1.  Shaghaf– it has a hint of ginger and cinnamon. Now I love the combo of these two but this has something else too which I can’t identify.

2.    Sa’adah– it has fruity plus woody combo. Or I should say it’s like a combo of citrus fruit and wood.

3.   Samaha– this is my fav, it is completely floral but not over powering  . I am not a big fan of only floral smell but this one is amazing I swear.

4.   Salam– ok so amber is easy to identify , it has definitely amber with jasmine in it.

5.   Rahaba– this is my second fav, I cannot figure out exactly what it has but I could smell amber with some sweet flavor.

6.  Mahabah– It has floral plus vanilla. If you are a fond of vanilla fragrance then you will love it.

All these perfumes have amazing packaging which I will share in my next post. And the price of each bottle is 850 aed. I know it’s a lot but we all know perfumes are pretty expensive.

Ok, so now until next post  comment below and make a guess which perfume I would have got in goodie bag.