Anfas Collection by Asim-al-qassim

You all know I love going to events. And I love them even more after being at home 24/7. Honestly being a house wife is the toughest job on this planet. And after this tough job these events make me feel breathe and fresh.

In Ramadan I got a chance to attend an event happened in Dubai Festival City at Beautique.This is first time when I attended any perfume launch.

Very famous Emirati architect plus perfumer Asim Al Qassim launched his new collection name Anfas (The essence of Arabian home) . I loved the whole idea and the collection is based on 6 exotic perfumes.

In this post I will share the event details and in next post will be about our goodie bag.

Our launch venue

No they are not Paan , they are chocolates ❤❤

Ok, so I said it was ramadan and it was 27th night and all I wanted to get free early so that I can come home on time for my prayers. And since in ramadan all events happened after Iftar it takes a lot of time. But I was so glad we got free right on time. The event timings was 9:30 pm we reached at 10:00 pm and got free by 11:00 am.

Asim-al-Qassim telling us  about his collection

The Anfas team made us test and smell all the 6 perfumes during Asim was explaining each of them , and this was such a great experience smelling them along with the background of each fragrance .

A little chit chat session with the great entrepreneur

He was sweet to tell me that he really hope we like these fragrances as he has put a lot of efforts in it. And he told me that he will be giving one of out of these 6 as a gift. ( Sweet na )

Now let’s see the names below .

1.  Shaghaf– it has a hint of ginger and cinnamon. Now I love the combo of these two but this has something else too which I can’t identify.

2.    Sa’adah– it has fruity plus woody combo. Or I should say it’s like a combo of citrus fruit and wood.

3.   Samaha– this is my fav, it is completely floral but not over powering  . I am not a big fan of only floral smell but this one is amazing I swear.

4.   Salam– ok so amber is easy to identify , it has definitely amber with jasmine in it.

5.   Rahaba– this is my second fav, I cannot figure out exactly what it has but I could smell amber with some sweet flavor.

6.  Mahabah– It has floral plus vanilla. If you are a fond of vanilla fragrance then you will love it.

All these perfumes have amazing packaging which I will share in my next post. And the price of each bottle is 850 aed. I know it’s a lot but we all know perfumes are pretty expensive.

Ok, so now until next post  comment below and make a guess which perfume I would have got in goodie bag.






Sephora Box

Once again I am back with the most beloved thing and that is my Sephora Boxes. You guys have no idea how eagerly I wait for new boxes every month and this time I came up with two though I missed one from Michael Kors last month which I completely regret.

But anyways here is this month boxes.

My first box is from Lancôme and it’s called Lancôme Drama Look.This is the first time when Lancôme came up with a box and for me it was pretty exciting cox I have not tried anything from Lancôme yet. It strange but yeah I own nothing from this brand. And this is why I love this card program from Sephora , cox you can then actually try different products before spending money on it.

This box includes

Hypnose Drama mascara (full size) – Ok, so I have heard a lot about this mascara and I am really looking forward to use it. My all Instagram followers know how obsessed I am with Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Too Faced better than Love mascara. So this mascara has to be even better than these two and my expectations are high already.

The original cost is 150 aed. 

– Bi-Facil 30 ml – Who doesn’t need a good makeup remover. My most frequent eye makeup remover is the Sephora one and for the face I love using Bioderma Sensibio H2O . In hi – end I love Clarins eye remover. So let’s see this remover can make up to my favorite list or not.

The original cost of the full size product (200 ml) is 130 aed.

Crayon Khol (deluxe size) – Now  this pencil didn’t left a good impression on me while I did a swatch on my hands. It wasn’t smooth as crayon pencils should be and it got budged easily.

The original price of the full size pencil is 125 aed.

Lancôme Crayon Khol

This box is finished now but the next box is still available at all Sephora Outlets. All you need is to have Black Card with valid offer in it.

Ok , so this is second box which blew my mind cox previously Sephora box was entirely different and was not that amazing in comparison to this. I loved that too but if compare this has more heart winning products. You can check the previous box here

– Flawless Perfection Sponge – I have used the Sephora’s 3D precision sponge before and If you all want to see the comparison with this then do let me know in comments below.

The original cost is 52 aed.

– Sun Disk Bronzing Powder Limited Edition (full size) – This is the best thing from this box. I mean I was not expecting this humongous full size product in the box. I never paid attention to bronzers cox I always think I can’t finish them and with this size hehe I am done for the lifetime.

The original cost is 115 aed

– Cinescope Mascara Deluxe Size –  I have mentioned this on my Instagram before that this is an okish mascara cox I had this mascara in deluxe size before but I think it’s good to keep it in our handbag for daily use.

The original cost of full size product is 95 aed.

So this is it you guys!! I am super happy alhumdulillah and cannot wait to try all this.

Meanwhile I am thinking to plan a proper schedule for blogging and right now I am think to keep new post every alternate days. Cox I seriously miss writing. So what do you think alternate days is good or if you have any suggestions then feel free to comment below. I would love to hear it from you all 

Come Back Post

I know its been ages since I have written any thing and I swear I can’t even type lol.. Anyways today out of nowhere literally just like that I felt to sit and write something on my DEAD blog and it actually looks like bringing a dead from the grave. And I swear everything looks so outdated here like blog theme, pictures, writing style and what not and I really need to change everything but besides all this, those who know me and were my actual followers know that I was alive on my other social media accounts like Instagram , Facebook and Snapchat so I don’t think I have to dig into all the details regarding where I was but yes I  can write about WHY I was away.

A year back when I moved to Dubai my life was not the same, I mean  whole new life with new responsibilities you know !! Managing house , groceries , daily cooking, laundry, cleaning and what not and honestly that was a lot for me and the MAIN part sitting home 24/7 and sometimes literally 7 days a week. I know this sounds like I had a lot of time to write and focus on blog life but seriously I felt like a changed person. I was not into makeup , no shopping, no friends, no family , no exciting routine and an empty house lol and this actually made me lazy.

Initial days here in Dubai was tough and boring and dull and nothing exciting as I said . We had no car and all we used to do was going to watch movie in a cab on a weekend. I couldn’t walk much at that cox i was expecting (which got finished in later months, not really want to talk about the details for now) . Anyways to some up everything I was lacking motivation and did not want to start everything from scratch and wait for the response in a whole new country.( ya, you can say I was running away)

With all this let me fast forward to today’s date . I am alhumdullilah very happy being in DUBAI and today I really love it. this place is so lively ma sha ALLAH and yes we can enjoy all the halal food here yay. And those who followed me they know how I got busy with guests every month.Yes, it can be a whole separate post lol

With all this QUICK recap of my life I think I should wrap this post cox I don’t want to bore any one but now I’m thinking to write frequently literally about everything from A to Z..

So what do you think guys ?? should I??? Do give me your feedback and suggestions how to bring LIFE to this BLOG of MINE