Recreated Sephora Excessive Rainbow Look #daretoexperiment

Ok, so as I said in my previous post (read here) that I will recreate looks from the event!! So here I go !!

I chose Excessive rainbow which I wanted to get done at the event too but it couldn’t happen but I am glad I did on my own. Alhumdulillah . I have already shared pictures on my Instagram . I normally do not post the makeup looks here but for this I want to have a separate post of all the looks in sha Allah . If you guys want to recreate any of the look don’t forget to use #daretoexperiment and tag me @nidasbeautybag too so I can find you !!

So, I think let’s start with the pictures , I will post the product breakdown too in the end


Close to the eyes
Close to the eyes



And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn't find similar shade
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn’t find similar shade

So this is it for this look. I am thinking to recreate other looks too. In case you like this please leave a comment !!

And yes here is the breakdown of products I used


💫 @morphebrushes 35b palette
💫 @pinkygoatlashes 3D lashes in Raha
💫 @lorealprome color riche kajal on waterline
💫 @benefitmiddleeast they’re real mascara

💫 @marcbeauty coconut primer
💫 @giorgioarmaniofficial luminous silk foundation in 3.5
💫 @benefitmiddleeast hoola bronzer

💫 @kyliecosmetics in Spice

@sigmabeauty @sigma_affiliate @mikasabeauty







Beeswax-an amazing creation of ALLAH (S.W.T)


Today i will talk about this amazing ingredient. I didnt know about this ingredient until i found benefit lipstick. I saw a lipstick on their website Benefit Cosmetics and wanted to know if it has any animal driven ingredient which is HARAAM. I mailed to the Benefit customer care and asked about their ingredients. Janna, the customer care member replied back and told me that they do not use any animal driven fat except beeswax. I looked up on the internet and got to know the details regarding this product. You can also find the ingredients at every product at the description of this brand.


What is beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural wax that is produced by the honey bees in their hives. Hives are the colony where honey bees returned after gathering the nectar from the flowers.

How bees make wax?

I found this part very interesting and i really hope you all like it too. Honey bees collects the nectar from the flowers which is stored in her special honey stomach. With this nectar either honey is made or either beeswax.

The special wax glands in the abdomen consist of 4-6 segments goes through the process of wax. The honey which is in the liquid form quickly cools and changed it into the wax form. The wax appears on the abdomen which bee collect with her legs , the bee then chew the wax and mold a honeycomb(a six sided cell).

Alhumdullilah, ALLAH and HIS materpiece work .

This superbly created ingredient is present in most of our cosmetic brands. Especially in the lip balms and lipsticks. The use of this ingredient creates a creamy and smooth texture. It is also used in eye makeup products which allows an easy application.

Hope you like it 🙂