Who else is also  obsessed about GAME OF THRONES??

I am totally obsessed and that’s all because of my husband. Last year when season 6 was about to come he made me watch all 5 seasons in one flow just cox he wanted me to watch season 6 with him. I admit that in start I felt gross and thought how senseless it is but in no time I got hooked to it lol. And those few days I was allowed not to cook food cox concentration was important hehe. But honestlyy I enjoyed it alot and after season 5 ending when Jon Snow was supposing-ly dead i could understand how people would have wait for whole year to see if he is going to be alive again or not.

This year I am thinking to do reviews on each episode. I know episode 1 has already on aired and there are tons of reviews already but I just want to do out of my GOT love.. What do you guys say? Should I???

But today’s post is about this activity happening here in Dubai Festival City Mall. The same activity happened last year too and we did last year too. Basically Dubai Festival City Mall is having a small set of Iron Throne where people can get their picture clicked and can a print out and a soft copy on email addresses. The whole activity is sponsored  by OSN. They are also doing some episodes premier on the screen but it didn’t happen yesterday .

This is how the set looks like

And here comes the lady on the throne aka Nida Arshad. The guy on my left is Jon Snow and the girl is Missandei LOL.

Lady Nida of Iron Throne 2017

Now here is last year picture.

Lady Nida on Throne2016

I know people will call us crazy but both the years we went especially for the picture.

Just comment below if  you guys want to read and see the reviews of each episode here on blog. And to all who are crazy like us enjoy the second episode tomorrow.