Busty Girl Problems #me

Ok, so this is not the first time when I want to talk about this but with my look and attire(Hijabi) I always felt rigid to talk about it publicly and never thought it to be an acceptable topic BUSTY GIRL PROBLEMS … ya you heard it right :D.

So before I start here is the disclaimer , its just a fun post and it has nothing to offend anyone and yes it is about ME too

I wish I could be a good illustrator and since I can’t use my own pictures , I have picked these illustrations from google by the talented artist Rampaige (Paige Halsey Warren) . I literally laughed on every cartoon she made but here I am sharing the ones which I go through every single day of my life 😀

So read them cox I want to hear your experiences too (if this post is applicable on you :D)

1-Horizontal Patterns seems like a dream now

I don’t even remember when I tried looking on horizontal patterns cox here you go , they are not meant for me (sigh). Being busty will always give you a broad physique and which obviously no one like Haina???

Horizontal Patterns seems like a dream now
Horizontal Patterns seems like a dream now
2- Oh yah that dent

Ok, so this is not just the dent but I tell you guys it hurts badly lol. And the days when you feel fat this dent is even deeper and painful.


3- Climbing/Walking down the stairs

This picture is not the exact scenario but yes I can still relate to it lol… but I still think using stairs is the best excercise we can add in our daily lives


4- Cardigans, front open gowns/shirts look like this on us

Who else can feel the pain than me when you have a fancy cardigan and it does not look fancy at all… cox this is exactly how it looks when you don’t button it.

img_87085- Story of my life

Yes, this is the reason I stopped taking pictures of me.. I always ended up deleting pictures or I never find them appropriate for Facebook and Instagram.

img_87096- The most embarrasing moment

Ok, so this picture must have a name RABBIA instead of SARAH cox that exactly how I feel when we both wear the same shirt.. lol

img_87127- This is how I fooled my self

I was gaining weight and all I thought my waist is coming in shape until I realized why!!!!  (sigh)

img_87148- Just too close

This is the most recent thing happened to me , I chose a great denim long shirt in size small and  guess what I ended up leaving the shirt for the same reason and couldn’t find the larger size.

img_87159- Different Hijab Style

Whenever I try wrapping the hijab in multiple folds this happen.. and then what I do is to wrap the Hijab in normal style

img_874210- Seriously!!!!!

You never get a stylish or complete set in less padding. And in case they are available they priced too high.

img_874511-  Jumping is a dream

Not just jumping , dancing and zumba gets so hard too even in sports wear

12- Well yes I am not

When people get anxious when you wear a larger shirt size


There are many other too lol but for now ending this post with these #bustygirlsproblems.

Do comment how you like it?