Recreated Sephora Excessive Rainbow Look #daretoexperiment

Ok, so as I said in my previous post (read here) that I will recreate looks from the event!! So here I go !!

I chose Excessive rainbow which I wanted to get done at the event too but it couldn’t happen but I am glad I did on my own. Alhumdulillah . I have already shared pictures on my Instagram . I normally do not post the makeup looks here but for this I want to have a separate post of all the looks in sha Allah . If you guys want to recreate any of the look don’t forget to use #daretoexperiment and tag me @nidasbeautybag too so I can find you !!

So, I think let’s start with the pictures , I will post the product breakdown too in the end


Close to the eyes
Close to the eyes



And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn't find similar shade
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn’t find similar shade

So this is it for this look. I am thinking to recreate other looks too. In case you like this please leave a comment !!

And yes here is the breakdown of products I used


💫 @morphebrushes 35b palette
💫 @pinkygoatlashes 3D lashes in Raha
💫 @lorealprome color riche kajal on waterline
💫 @benefitmiddleeast they’re real mascara

💫 @marcbeauty coconut primer
💫 @giorgioarmaniofficial luminous silk foundation in 3.5
💫 @benefitmiddleeast hoola bronzer

💫 @kyliecosmetics in Spice

@sigmabeauty @sigma_affiliate @mikasabeauty






Outfit of the day!!!

God knows how much I love outfit’s post and I always struggle to have one of good post I see on other peoples blog. But it’s still a struggle for me cox I just cant deny how busty and I look. I also shared a whole post related to busty girls problems, so if have not read already make sure you read (here).

The other day we were invited at the house warming party at a friend’s place and I chose to be simple yet trendy and this is what I came upto… This shirt is from Pakistan which I ordered online and got it delivered to a friend’s place and when he was visiting us last month he bought this and all my other clothes. If you like the shirt then scroll down to see the details.


PS: All these pictures are taken at the roof top of our apartment.







Shirt: Ethnic

Jeans: Forever 21

Stole: Charming Charlie

Khussas: Gift from sister in law

So that was the quick details of the post , here are some close up shots too of my makeup. Details are up on my instagram too , please make sure too go and check that out too 🙂


img_9035Your feedback and opinions means alot to me and I really forward to see the comments .  Do tell me if you all want to see detailed descriptions too cox your interest is everything for me


Busty Girl Problems #me

Ok, so this is not the first time when I want to talk about this but with my look and attire(Hijabi) I always felt rigid to talk about it publicly and never thought it to be an acceptable topic BUSTY GIRL PROBLEMS … ya you heard it right :D.

So before I start here is the disclaimer , its just a fun post and it has nothing to offend anyone and yes it is about ME too

I wish I could be a good illustrator and since I can’t use my own pictures , I have picked these illustrations from google by the talented artist Rampaige (Paige Halsey Warren) . I literally laughed on every cartoon she made but here I am sharing the ones which I go through every single day of my life 😀

So read them cox I want to hear your experiences too (if this post is applicable on you :D)

1-Horizontal Patterns seems like a dream now

I don’t even remember when I tried looking on horizontal patterns cox here you go , they are not meant for me (sigh). Being busty will always give you a broad physique and which obviously no one like Haina???

Horizontal Patterns seems like a dream now
Horizontal Patterns seems like a dream now
2- Oh yah that dent

Ok, so this is not just the dent but I tell you guys it hurts badly lol. And the days when you feel fat this dent is even deeper and painful.


3- Climbing/Walking down the stairs

This picture is not the exact scenario but yes I can still relate to it lol… but I still think using stairs is the best excercise we can add in our daily lives


4- Cardigans, front open gowns/shirts look like this on us

Who else can feel the pain than me when you have a fancy cardigan and it does not look fancy at all… cox this is exactly how it looks when you don’t button it.

img_87085- Story of my life

Yes, this is the reason I stopped taking pictures of me.. I always ended up deleting pictures or I never find them appropriate for Facebook and Instagram.

img_87096- The most embarrasing moment

Ok, so this picture must have a name RABBIA instead of SARAH cox that exactly how I feel when we both wear the same shirt.. lol

img_87127- This is how I fooled my self

I was gaining weight and all I thought my waist is coming in shape until I realized why!!!!  (sigh)

img_87148- Just too close

This is the most recent thing happened to me , I chose a great denim long shirt in size small and  guess what I ended up leaving the shirt for the same reason and couldn’t find the larger size.

img_87159- Different Hijab Style

Whenever I try wrapping the hijab in multiple folds this happen.. and then what I do is to wrap the Hijab in normal style

img_874210- Seriously!!!!!

You never get a stylish or complete set in less padding. And in case they are available they priced too high.

img_874511-  Jumping is a dream

Not just jumping , dancing and zumba gets so hard too even in sports wear

12- Well yes I am not

When people get anxious when you wear a larger shirt size


There are many other too lol but for now ending this post with these #bustygirlsproblems.

Do comment how you like it?

Meeting with Mario Dedivanovic

Ever since I got to know that THE GREAT MARIO is coming to Dubai for his masterclass along with DROP DEAD GORGEOUS KIM KARDASHIAN , I wanted to get myself enrolled in it until I found out the fees. The fees made me cry and I got so disappointed and dishearted because 1700$ was something I couldn’t afford for 1 class. Anyways I made up my mind and convinced myself that In sha ALLAH I will get this chance in future.This happened in August 2016 and his class was then schdeuled for October, but suddenly the class got postponed to January 13th. I again started thinking wishing if I could meet him for once.

Anyways a day before his masterclass my whole snapchat family was posting about how they are excited to attend his class , yes almost my whole snapchat family was here in Dubai for the class. I felt so bad cox I wished ‘kash maine bhi class book ki hoti’ ‘mai dubai reh kar bhi ni ja sakti’. And then this sadness prolong when I saw people sharing LIVE coverage direct from the class. It was Friday and my husband was away for Jummah Prayer and I was home literally crying *sigh*. I actually cried and was so sad that I couldn’t enjoy the delicious food my husband brought for lunch after namaz. Half day was passed when I saw that on 14th January, the very next day Mario will have Q/A session DSF at Beauty District in Dubai Mall and then he will have a meet and greet session at Sephora where he will sign his Makeup by Mario Palette which is a collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I was still sad but was hoping to get this chance cox I knew there will a huge public there at Dubai Mall too.

I was excited but more than I was conscious about reaching mall before time cox I didn’t want to miss both the sessions. I kept thinking what should I wear.

All set to go
All set to gol



Shirt : Aeropostale


Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Mirina Collection

Stole: Pashmina

I reached mall 10 minutes before the event has to started, I got nervous and I literally ran towards the beauty district booth and the moment I reach there I was asked if I was invited . I got confused but I said yes, the girl then asked me my name and I was like ‘ab tu mai gayee’ cox there was no specific invite and the event was for all.But guess what there was my name in the list. She gave me the access card and I ran, the moment I reached He entered the stage and I was like phewww .


Q/A session at Beauty District
Q/A session at Beauty District

I never realized this card has a meaning and after the session was ending the host of the event said that people having access card can come and have a selfie with him. I was like shooot what , I couldn’t find the way to go inside where people with cards were actually sitting cox the sitting area was not open for everyone. Like if I knew I could also get a seat for whole session. Anyways, I ran towards the entrance and tried finding out the girl who gave me the card but she was not there so I asked another guy to help me getting in. The guy said I should ask the organizer and after asking where they are I again ran towards them and asked the girl sitting there to take me in. She nodded and couldn’t say a word cox she was eating something. I was like please be quick cox the selfie session is started, she smiled and held my hand and took me straight inside. I was so so so thankful to her that I have no words. Selfie session was started and the organizers were asking people not to waste time by taking selfie cox professional photographers were taking the pictures. And I listened to them and I didn’t use my phone which I regretted cox everyone was taking pictures/snap. The organizer said I will get the picture but I still didn’t get the picture. I was still happy cox I managed to take selfie from far.


Then it was time to run Sephora… And when I went,there was a line too .. but I was glad I was not that behind. And then we all started waiting for Mario to enter Sephora…



This time I thought I am going to take the selfie ‘chahay kuch b ho jaye’ and luckily I bought the palette too so I knew I will also get his sign. When my turn came the girl there said to keep the phone aside cox we are giving print outs of the picture right away… Look that’s why I like Sephora



Finally , I got the chance to meet him again and talk to him for a while again. And yes, he is the SWEETEST PERSON. like no attitude at all. After getting a picture plus his sign on my palette I collected the print out right away…





Inspite of the fact that I couldn’t attend his master class , I was damn happy to meet him twice. Talked to him twice, got picture with him twice , and yes got palette signed by him *MA SHA ALLAH* . People who attended his class surely must have learned amazing techniques and they are for sure very lucky. I learned few tips when he the host was asking to him few makeup tips in Q/A session. One of the tip he gave for flawless skin, I have tried and I absolutely LOVED it . The best part this tip is best for dry skin like me..

Do you guys really want to read what tip it is?? if yes then do comment below !!

Sephora Loyalty Point Gifts

I love Sephora and that’s an obviouslove and having Sephora near by is one of the biggest blessing I tell you!! Though DXB Sephora do not have enough brands as USA but still my LOVE for Sephora is 😍😍😍

Shopping in Sephora is so much fun also because of these Loyalty Points . I never shared my gifts but this time I am in TOTAL LOVE with both the gifts. So, I had 4 gifts due and I chose these 2 for now. And they normally change gifts option every month so the other 2 I will see in sha Allah next month.

Ok so the 1st option was Marc Jecobs set , and everyone who are on my Instagram and Snapchat know my love for this brand. And the items in here are the deluxe sizes. Do you really want to see ???  If yes!! Tu scroll karu Yar 😉



This is the most exciting product for me out of all
This is the most exciting product for me out of all
And here you go I always wanted to try this
And here you go I always wanted to try this
And this is how I try different mascaras
And this is how I try different mascaras

Next box is Sephora set which is also pretty good because for the first time it has great products.



This I never tried and I just hope it’s going to be good for dry skin
This I have tried once only and it was pretty good
This I have tried once only and it was pretty good
Excited for this one too
Excited for this one too
This I got in delux size in last Sephora box and I am only using this since on all my looks on Instagram. So pretty excited to get the full size
This I got in delux size in last Sephora box and I am only using this since on all my looks on Instagram.
So pretty excited to get the full size
This is like a forever  item in their boxes and I have no idea how many I have now
This is like a forever item in their boxes and I have no idea how many I have now

Haina zabardast gifts, What do you think guys?

These gifts made me buy more products from Sephora hehehe 😂

First sunset of 2017 from Jabal Jais

1 January 2017! The very first day. I was sleeping after having all the new year celebrations (see here) and when I woke up I saw the time and it was 2:30 pm, my husband was already awake and was working on his laptop in TV lounge. The very first thing he asked me when I came out  ‘Jabal Jais chalna hai?‘ I was like ‘abhi’ he said ‘haan sunset dekhtay hain’. I was like OK, let’s go then. And by this we left home in 30 mins because our aim was to reach before sunset and according to the map it takes 2.5 hour.

Jabal Jais is a mountain located in another state named Ras-al-Khaimah

On our way I said to my husband that why didn’t you wake me up when there was a plan and he told me it was already in plan list we made for anniversary week. And then I realize it’s me who FORGOT.

I was never ever a road trip lover but now I have started loving it and the reason is obviously the company Alhumdulillah.  He is such a sport I tell you guys Ma sha ALLAH .

My today’s post will be like only pictorial. I really want all of you to see and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Here we go, the mountains are in front
 Here we go, the mountains are in front now




I took this picture in low ISO and I completely LOVED IT
I took this picture in low ISO and I completely LOVED it

There were many stop overs and many people were taking pictures in front of mountains unlike Jabal-e-Hafeet (people are not allowed to take pictures there), bbq-ing and again we thought we should come again with friends/ family in sha ALLAH. At one stop I asked my husband to stop the car cox I wanted to take pictures.

I still wanted to sit in center of the road lol
I still wanted to sit in center of the road lol

Thanks to my dear husband who is my favorite personal photographer too. He said I knew it you want to want to take picture sitting on the wall like people were doing and I was like no I want to sit on the road LOL.

And finally we stopped at one place which was almost the top cox it was just 5 mins left in Maghrib and  I didn’t want to miss the sunset and landscapes.

Just look at the view man !


Just few minutes before Sunset
   Just few minutes before Sunset
Mr and Mrs
Mr and Mrs
I prayed namaz on this stone too <3
Right at the time of Sunset
Right at the time of Sunset

I just can’t get over this place and honestly pictures are not doing justice at all. I so wanted to have a wide lens to capture the entire landscape in one frame. And I wanted to stay there and do a born fire and enjoy hot coffee and sheesha. And yes , bbq ofcourse. I hope we make this plan before winters end *keeping fingers cross*.

After leaving from there we went to have dinner at Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor , and that is another experience on its own  I tell you. Do comment if you want to see a post on it? because I am not sure if i add food reviews on this blog or not. Do comment haan, I need voting from all of you <3

I hope you all have enjoyed this post. Do share what you all did on 1 Jan and how this new year treating you all so far?

Welcome 2017 from Burj Khalifa

Hello my lovely readers!! Ok, so before I proceed I would like to wish everyone a very very Happy New Year. May Allah make this year best for all of you and for the whole world Ameen.

I am kinda excited for today’s post and the reason is Dubai 😍. With each passing day my love for this place is growing and I am loving this feeling. I came Dubai last year in Nov and on that note this was my 2nd new year here but the 1st year to witness the gorgeous, mesmerising and spectacular celebration of New Year. Last year we couldn’t make and saw the fireworks from our roof top. We were able to see the entire fireworks skyline in one frame but it was too far to capture the beauty.

This year we both wanted to go desperately and my husband finally picked Burj Khalifa for celebration.Although fireworks does happen on various locations like Jumeirah, The Palm and this year it was on Dubai Water Canal and Dubai Festival City too.

We knew from resources that in order to reach the location on time its recommended to leave as early as you could. We left our place at 3:30 pm and parked our car at Business Bay and walked for around 20-25 mins to reach the venue.



Ok so once we reached we realized that we wanted to go to the mall side of Burj  Khalifa so that we could also see the LED show of countdown on Burj and the location we reached was the opposite side.

Anyways we decided to walk back and we asked the security people to guide us the way . On walking back guess who we saw ?? Atif Aslam , yes he was there and we took a selfie with him yay 🙂

A day before new year eve he had a concert here in Dubai but we couldn’t go and honestly I wanted to go so bad, infact I wanted to go to every concert happened in past 😜. Anyways that’s not the point of this post , Haina 😂


Since we were going the other side a security guard told us that there is no point to go there cox they won’t allow anyway and we decided kay bhayee ab yahin ruk jao. And thank God we listened to the guard cox later we find out that side required a PASS. Shukar ALLAH ka .

It was 5:30 pm when we sat on grass and from there a long wait started.





We had dinner there , we saw almost all fountain shows and then finally the time came when we saw such amazing and no doubt the world’s best fireworks. Before I end this post I would say that it was WORTH THE EXPERIENCE and if I get the chance I would love to see them next year too IN SHA ALLAH. So for all those who think its  a waste of time and energy all I can say come early to avoid traffic and to reach the location on time. And then its like a family picnic lol. Everyone was enjoying with their friends and families. Kids were playing board games, having snacks and what not !!!









Ok so these were the pictures now see this mini clip of fireworks too.. Enjoy the feel of watching them on my blog.Yippie!!

Stay Tuned for the next post on another mesmerising place called Jabal -al – Jais