Sephora Box

Once again I am back with the most beloved thing and that is my Sephora Boxes. You guys have no idea how eagerly I wait for new boxes every month and this time I came up with two though I missed one from Michael Kors last month which I completely regret.

But anyways here is this month boxes.

My first box is from Lancôme and it’s called Lancôme Drama Look.This is the first time when Lancôme came up with a box and for me it was pretty exciting cox I have not tried anything from Lancôme yet. It strange but yeah I own nothing from this brand. And this is why I love this card program from Sephora , cox you can then actually try different products before spending money on it.

This box includes

Hypnose Drama mascara (full size) – Ok, so I have heard a lot about this mascara and I am really looking forward to use it. My all Instagram followers know how obsessed I am with Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Too Faced better than Love mascara. So this mascara has to be even better than these two and my expectations are high already.

The original cost is 150 aed. 

– Bi-Facil 30 ml – Who doesn’t need a good makeup remover. My most frequent eye makeup remover is the Sephora one and for the face I love using Bioderma Sensibio H2O . In hi – end I love Clarins eye remover. So let’s see this remover can make up to my favorite list or not.

The original cost of the full size product (200 ml) is 130 aed.

Crayon Khol (deluxe size) – Now  this pencil didn’t left a good impression on me while I did a swatch on my hands. It wasn’t smooth as crayon pencils should be and it got budged easily.

The original price of the full size pencil is 125 aed.

Lancôme Crayon Khol

This box is finished now but the next box is still available at all Sephora Outlets. All you need is to have Black Card with valid offer in it.

Ok , so this is second box which blew my mind cox previously Sephora box was entirely different and was not that amazing in comparison to this. I loved that too but if compare this has more heart winning products. You can check the previous box here

– Flawless Perfection Sponge – I have used the Sephora’s 3D precision sponge before and If you all want to see the comparison with this then do let me know in comments below.

The original cost is 52 aed.

– Sun Disk Bronzing Powder Limited Edition (full size) – This is the best thing from this box. I mean I was not expecting this humongous full size product in the box. I never paid attention to bronzers cox I always think I can’t finish them and with this size hehe I am done for the lifetime.

The original cost is 115 aed

– Cinescope Mascara Deluxe Size –  I have mentioned this on my Instagram before that this is an okish mascara cox I had this mascara in deluxe size before but I think it’s good to keep it in our handbag for daily use.

The original cost of full size product is 95 aed.

So this is it you guys!! I am super happy alhumdulillah and cannot wait to try all this.

Meanwhile I am thinking to plan a proper schedule for blogging and right now I am think to keep new post every alternate days. Cox I seriously miss writing. So what do you think alternate days is good or if you have any suggestions then feel free to comment below. I would love to hear it from you all 

Sephora!! Clarins Gift Box

It’s going to be a quick post today !!

Just came to share my new loyalty points gift box from Sephora . You all know I talked about this in my previous post here . If you have not read that post then do read it!!

Before I start sharing pictures I hope to get more better boxes in upcoming months !! And I hope to get my gold card soon 🙈🙈🙈

Anyways , enjoy the pictures and do let me know if you need detailed review on any of the product!

– Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (30ml)

– Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser (30ml)

– Clarins Instant Eyemakeup Remover (30ml)

– Clarins Skin Smoothing Eyemask (5ml)

I wanted the eye mask to be atleast 30 ml too but that’s okay!!

I would love to listen what you all want to see on blog!! Meanwhile don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for latest makeup look. My Instagram name is Nida’s Beauty Bag






Sephora once again!!!

Here I am once again with a Sephora gift box which I got using my loyalty points!!

Ever since 2017, the loyalty gift boxes has gone to whole new level!! They have started giving full sizes which is amazing because you know you really work hard to get these points . We get 1 point on 10 aed , so it’s like we are investing a lot 😂😂.

So again, I had more than 1 voucher and Sephora have one more option which is by Clarins , which I am getting in few days for sure but for today I am sharing my Too Faced, rich girl obsession box which caught my eyes and I picked this immediately! I could got both but the girl at counter had little knowledge and according to her I was only eligible for 1 gift, though I can still get more boxes 😀😀😀

Rich Girl Obsession

Ok, so this box has 3 products and 2 of them are full sizes

– Too Faced better than Love mascara (full size)

– Too Faced perfect wear waterproof eyeliner (full size)

– Too Faced shadow insurance primer (deluxe)

These are the perks of black card holder and let me show you what gold card holders will get in this month gift box. I was actually drooling and all I wanted to get the gold card lol !!  Which means more shopping 🙈🙈

Look at this guys !! Such heavy duty and fully loaded box 🙈🙈

It’s a fully UD box I couldn’t spot every product but man this is amazing, and these are the types of boxes they always get 😳😳😳😳

I wish UAE Sephora comes up with the brand Stila coz I really want to get their new metallic liquid shadows 


Recreated Sephora Excessive Rainbow Look #daretoexperiment

Ok, so as I said in my previous post (read here) that I will recreate looks from the event!! So here I go !!

I chose Excessive rainbow which I wanted to get done at the event too but it couldn’t happen but I am glad I did on my own. Alhumdulillah . I have already shared pictures on my Instagram . I normally do not post the makeup looks here but for this I want to have a separate post of all the looks in sha Allah . If you guys want to recreate any of the look don’t forget to use #daretoexperiment and tag me @nidasbeautybag too so I can find you !!

So, I think let’s start with the pictures , I will post the product breakdown too in the end


Close to the eyes
Close to the eyes



And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the eye comparison with the original and mine
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn't find similar shade
And the whole face comparison, I changed the lip color coz I couldn’t find similar shade

So this is it for this look. I am thinking to recreate other looks too. In case you like this please leave a comment !!

And yes here is the breakdown of products I used


💫 @morphebrushes 35b palette
💫 @pinkygoatlashes 3D lashes in Raha
💫 @lorealprome color riche kajal on waterline
💫 @benefitmiddleeast they’re real mascara

💫 @marcbeauty coconut primer
💫 @giorgioarmaniofficial luminous silk foundation in 3.5
💫 @benefitmiddleeast hoola bronzer

💫 @kyliecosmetics in Spice

@sigmabeauty @sigma_affiliate @mikasabeauty






Meeting with Mario Dedivanovic

Ever since I got to know that THE GREAT MARIO is coming to Dubai for his masterclass along with DROP DEAD GORGEOUS KIM KARDASHIAN , I wanted to get myself enrolled in it until I found out the fees. The fees made me cry and I got so disappointed and dishearted because 1700$ was something I couldn’t afford for 1 class. Anyways I made up my mind and convinced myself that In sha ALLAH I will get this chance in future.This happened in August 2016 and his class was then schdeuled for October, but suddenly the class got postponed to January 13th. I again started thinking wishing if I could meet him for once.

Anyways a day before his masterclass my whole snapchat family was posting about how they are excited to attend his class , yes almost my whole snapchat family was here in Dubai for the class. I felt so bad cox I wished ‘kash maine bhi class book ki hoti’ ‘mai dubai reh kar bhi ni ja sakti’. And then this sadness prolong when I saw people sharing LIVE coverage direct from the class. It was Friday and my husband was away for Jummah Prayer and I was home literally crying *sigh*. I actually cried and was so sad that I couldn’t enjoy the delicious food my husband brought for lunch after namaz. Half day was passed when I saw that on 14th January, the very next day Mario will have Q/A session DSF at Beauty District in Dubai Mall and then he will have a meet and greet session at Sephora where he will sign his Makeup by Mario Palette which is a collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I was still sad but was hoping to get this chance cox I knew there will a huge public there at Dubai Mall too.

I was excited but more than I was conscious about reaching mall before time cox I didn’t want to miss both the sessions. I kept thinking what should I wear.

All set to go
All set to gol



Shirt : Aeropostale


Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Mirina Collection

Stole: Pashmina

I reached mall 10 minutes before the event has to started, I got nervous and I literally ran towards the beauty district booth and the moment I reach there I was asked if I was invited . I got confused but I said yes, the girl then asked me my name and I was like ‘ab tu mai gayee’ cox there was no specific invite and the event was for all.But guess what there was my name in the list. She gave me the access card and I ran, the moment I reached He entered the stage and I was like phewww .


Q/A session at Beauty District
Q/A session at Beauty District

I never realized this card has a meaning and after the session was ending the host of the event said that people having access card can come and have a selfie with him. I was like shooot what , I couldn’t find the way to go inside where people with cards were actually sitting cox the sitting area was not open for everyone. Like if I knew I could also get a seat for whole session. Anyways, I ran towards the entrance and tried finding out the girl who gave me the card but she was not there so I asked another guy to help me getting in. The guy said I should ask the organizer and after asking where they are I again ran towards them and asked the girl sitting there to take me in. She nodded and couldn’t say a word cox she was eating something. I was like please be quick cox the selfie session is started, she smiled and held my hand and took me straight inside. I was so so so thankful to her that I have no words. Selfie session was started and the organizers were asking people not to waste time by taking selfie cox professional photographers were taking the pictures. And I listened to them and I didn’t use my phone which I regretted cox everyone was taking pictures/snap. The organizer said I will get the picture but I still didn’t get the picture. I was still happy cox I managed to take selfie from far.


Then it was time to run Sephora… And when I went,there was a line too .. but I was glad I was not that behind. And then we all started waiting for Mario to enter Sephora…



This time I thought I am going to take the selfie ‘chahay kuch b ho jaye’ and luckily I bought the palette too so I knew I will also get his sign. When my turn came the girl there said to keep the phone aside cox we are giving print outs of the picture right away… Look that’s why I like Sephora



Finally , I got the chance to meet him again and talk to him for a while again. And yes, he is the SWEETEST PERSON. like no attitude at all. After getting a picture plus his sign on my palette I collected the print out right away…





Inspite of the fact that I couldn’t attend his master class , I was damn happy to meet him twice. Talked to him twice, got picture with him twice , and yes got palette signed by him *MA SHA ALLAH* . People who attended his class surely must have learned amazing techniques and they are for sure very lucky. I learned few tips when he the host was asking to him few makeup tips in Q/A session. One of the tip he gave for flawless skin, I have tried and I absolutely LOVED it . The best part this tip is best for dry skin like me..

Do you guys really want to read what tip it is?? if yes then do comment below !!